Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Statement on the great revolutionary epic today in the million June 30, 2022 AD (01.07.2022)

Our people are bridges;

Yesterday, the generous land of Sudan, over its vast expanse, was covered with rebellious human torrents of the Kandaka resistance and the heroic resistance, who came out in the capital and many cities, in addition to hundreds of villages, halal, and al-Furqans in the June 30 million mark, determined to achieve noble goals, the culmination of which is restoring the path of civil democratic transformation under the leadership of a purely civil authority, restoring the professional roles of the people’s armed forces and distancing them from matters of governance and politics, uniting the suppression machine of the brutal coup authority with the weapon of their peace, they were not deterred by the bullets or the systematic crimes that led to the rise of nine honorable martyrs until the moment of writing this statement.

The injuries of some of them are serious, and we pray for their speedy recovery, just as the power’s malicious tricks did not succeed in stopping the tide of their sweeping processions, as their strong will and creative genius removed the containers that the putschists had used as locks for bridges connecting the cities of the capital, in epics and bridges that will remain immortal in the annals of Sudanese history, a great day witnessed the highest meanings of unity among all components of the forces of the revolution.

Our victorious people;

We in the Sudanese Congress Party appreciate the struggles and sacrifices of all revolutionaries and revolutionaries in all parts of our proud country, and we see that today’s millionaires have achieved many real gains, foremost of which is the restoration of the critical mass mass and the unification of its ranks, just as the weight of the mass civil movement of resistance against the coup camp and its tails has become a reality, we also call on all our members and all the honorable people in the capital to participate in the sit-in announced by the field work committees in the Foundation area in Khartoum North and our full confidence in the complete victory of our rebellious people with a steel will that is unbreakable, as it is a mine of revolutionary experiences and tactics of nonviolent resistance to totalitarian regimes.

Tricks, procrastination or slipping into the hotbeds of crimes whose perpetrators will inevitably be brought to justice will not help them.

Long live our people free and victorious

Information Secretariat

July 1, 2022 AD

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