Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Statement on the Millions of the 30th of June (30.06.2022)

The people win and the coup is defeated

Our people are now writing a new epic of national liberation and revolution against oppression and tyranny. Millions across Sudan came out in opposition to the October 25 coup and to extract the people’s full civil authority that implements the demands and goals of the revolution.

As expected, the coup authority met the peaceful processions of our people in all parts of Sudan with bullets and the utmost forms of violence. Five martyrs in Omdurman and Khartoum have risen until the time of writing this statement, and dozens of wounded, amid the unyielding determination of the revolutionaries and revolutionaries who did not back down in the face of the brutality of the revolutionaries. We hold the coup authorities responsible for the victims who fell and affirm that these crimes, which constitute crimes against humanity, will not go unpunished. Justice is one of the goals of the glorious December revolution, which it will not abandon.

The June 30 Millions achieved a qualitative change in the balance of power in favor of the mass movement and its goals in seizing complete civil authority and defeating the coup, and proved that the revolution is alive and does not die, and that it witnesses a new birth every day.

The exodus of millions today in the countryside and cities of Sudan has dealt a painful blow to the manipulators by provoking ethnic and regional divisions.

We send a message to the armed forces and all the regular forces that this people is not only looking for freedom and civility, but rather puts the issue of the national professional army at the top of its list of priorities, which is in the interest of the security and stability of the country, what confirms that the interests of most Sudanese men and women coincide, whether they are civilians or military, and that the putschists and remnants of the former regime are seeking to wreak havoc between the people and their regular forces for nothing but the desire to dominate power and plunder the wealth of this country, and this coup has no legitimacy.

The forces of freedom and change reiterate their message to the international and regional community, that the stability of Sudan is linked to the civil state and its democracy, and that the people of Sudan are subjected to great oppression at the hands of the coup authority, which calls for intensifying international efforts to condemn these crimes. And asking the revolutionaries to respond to the demands of the Sudanese people in handing over power to the people to choose what they want without domination or tyranny.

In conclusion, we affirm that the march of our people will not stop at the station of the thirtieth of June, and that its peaceful mass struggle will continue until the complete defeat of this coup to achieve the goals of our people in freedom, peace and justice. We in the Forces of Freedom and Change support the intensification of roadblocks in all parts of Sudan to restrain the hand of the security services in the brutality, and we are in continuous consultation with all the forces of the revolution to use all means of peaceful struggle from sit-in, disobedience and political strike until the defeat of the coup, we affirm that our people are inevitably victorious and that tyranny is fleeting and defeated.

Executive Office of the Forces of Freedom and Change

June 30, 2022 AD

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