Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Waqf Day Messages (29.06.2022)

Our departure in the millions is the guarantee for a qualitative adjustment of the balance of power and the defeat of the coup

Today and our country is looking forward to a proud day that will constitute a mole on the path of its glorious revolution that does not know submissiveness or defeat.. We advance in the forces of freedom and change with short and specific messages that we put in the June 30 march..

On the day the people’s strength, unity and determination to defeat the coup and make it the last coup, we will bid farewell to tyranny once and for all.

The first message: To the forces of the revolution in the cities and countryside of Sudan:

1- Let us make June 30 ascending to a new threshold in the glorious December revolution scale, to defeat everyone who stands in its way through the widest mass upheaval that shakes the earth and shows the unity of our people and their adherence to completing the path of their revolution without retreat.

2- On June 30, we must all remember the necessity of completing the decisive duty to defeat the coup, which is to build a united civil front for the revolutionary forces ..Let us all hurry to achieve this condition, without which the goals of our people will not be achieved.

3- Close field coordination and raising the slogans that unite our path towards the dawn of salvation and the overthrow of the coup.

4- Barricades, the eyes of the honorable.. Tetris in streets, neighborhoods, and roads is a proven weapon against the security services, processions, sit-ins, and civil disobedience are operations that we will engage in unitedly to escalate peaceful mass action, to defeat the coup and establish full democratic civil authority.

5- June 30 is a day for the unity of the masses in the countryside and cities .. Neither geography nor ethnicities separate us rather, the revolution brings us together towards equal citizenship, freedom, peace and justice.

6- True peace and the protection of civilians lie in defeating the coup. As a result of the coup, the crime rate increased in Darfur and South Kordofan and put the country on the brink of famine ..Victory for the displaced, refugees, the marginalized and the victims will only be achieved by the funeral of the tyrannical coup authority.

7- June 30 is not a discontinuous event, but rather it is part of a process that will continue in the following days, leading to the defeat of the coup and the achievement of the goals of the revolution in full. The action of the revolution will not stop here, but the station of the thirtieth of June will give him fuel to take the journey to victory, and we call on all imams in the country’s mosques to dedicate the Friday sermons that follow the thirtieth of June to support the people and express their just cause.

8- We must persevere in it and confront their brutality with it, for peace is the cave of our revolution and our true strength. Peaceful, peaceful, then peaceful.. and the people of Sudan know better about its paths.

9- There is no truth to all the messages that are being circulated that seek to confuse the unity of the forces of the revolution..

The Forces of Freedom and Change are fully involved in the battle of the thirtieth of June, and we have not and will not hide anything from our people.

The second message: To the Sudanese men and women in the diaspora:

1- Make your voice heard to the outside world by marching and writing letters and memoranda to parliaments, legislative centers and governments everywhere you are, it enhances the ability of our people to move forward on the path of achieving their imminent victory.

2- Regional and international solidarity is a complementary pillar of the victory of the revolution and the defeat of the coup. You played remarkable roles in all stages of resistance to tyranny, and your efforts support the revolutionaries inside in the battles of redemption for the homeland and loyalty to the blood of the martyrs.

The third message: the armed forces and the regular forces:

1- You are from the people and to him you will return, how much you stood by him at crucial turning points in his history before. This noble people sacrificed for lofty ends should not direct weapons at them, your forces have no interest in fighting a battle against its own people, but rather in protecting them from aggression.

2- We have to build a new future for our country based on democratic civilian rule and a single professional and national army that reflects Sudanese diversity and brings our country out of its long-term abyss.

Fourth message: To the regional and international community:

1- The coup forces have used all their stock of violence in firing live bullets, killing, torture, rape and arrests.. Our people are waiting for strong positions from regional and international actors on their side, and push the coup authority to respect the right of our people to demonstrate peacefully and to overthrow the coup.

2- Some people may witness experiences in the neighborhood that they think have resulted in the importance of stability overriding freedom and democracy, but we emphasize that the only entrance to stability in Sudan is democratic civil rule. It is the coups that provoke unrest and open the box of miracles of violence, terrorism, forced displacement, civil wars, and the export of violence and conflict in the region and the world.

3- The Sudan of the coup is inevitably a failure, troubled, and unable to meet the needs of its people, who only provide them with bullets and want. It will affect the security and stability of the region and the world. Our defeat of the coup is the only door for Sudan to integrate and constructively cooperate with the international community.

Finally: Tomorrow is the people’s day, and no voice is louder than the voice of its free will.

Glory to Sudan and its martyrs, and victory to its proud people, who will hear their voice on the horizons and recover their complete and undiminished freedom.

Executive Office of the Forces of Freedom and Change

June 29, 2022

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