Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Statement on the 30th of June, 2022 AD (28.06.2022)

Our victorious people;

The land of #السودان free will bring out the weight of its peaceful revolutionary anger in the face of the brutal coup authority on the thirtieth of June 2022 AD, when the streets in the cities, the halal and the Furqan are crowded with human chains on the run, the chant of millions of free throats of the Kandaka revolutionaries and the valiant revolutionaries will shake it, so that the banners of freedom, peace and justice will be covered in the sky of the vast homeland and fluttered with great vigor that blows the clouds of tyranny and totalitarianism inevitably.

The sky of Sudan must be cleared so that the rays of the desired civil and democratic state flood it, bearing the hopes and longings of all free people in a homeland that accommodates all its righteous daughters and sons without discrimination.

Our people are commanding;

We in the Sudanese Congress Party call on all segments of our people and their revolutionary forces, including political parties, professional and labor bodies, and civil society organizations, and every free man seeks his inherent right to a decent life under a civil, democratic state with rational, executive and legislative institutions it seeks to serve him and preserve his life and dignity professionally and impartially. We invite them to go out and actively participate in the marches of the 30th millionth of June 2022 AD according to the directives of the field work committees in the capital and the regions, in connection with the escalating peaceful mass movement seeking to defeat the putschists, opportunists and remnants of the former regime, and the formation of a single professional army that refrains from engaging in politics and government, and to reject violence against defenseless civilians in Darfur and all over Sudan, and to implement the goals of the glorious December revolution of freedom, peace and justice under the leadership of a purely civilian authority, in the largest united popular resistance front, with our full certainty that the hordes of honorable revolutionaries and revolutionaries are ready to continue the peaceful struggle with the same determination and determination until the completion of the connection, and if necessary to continue the march until after the thirtieth of June, our people have become accustomed to fighting the totalitarian regimes tirelessly in remarkable peaceful revolutionary rounds, and he was awarded the Medal of Excellence for bringing it down, and we warn the coup authority against engaging in more violence, crimes against the resistance and noble resistance fighters, and we hold it fully responsible in case it slips into the abyss of that.

There is no way to salvation except by handing over the reins of affairs in the country to a purely civilian transitional authority according to the will of our capable people.

Long live our people free and victorious

Information Secretariat

June 28, 2022 AD

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