Sudan: Economic Alliance for December Glorious Revolution – No negotiation, no partnership, no bargaining and no legitimacy (27.06.2022)

To the supporters of the Sudanese people

The Economic Alliance for the glorious December Revolution stands in the front rows with the people’s groups with its various revolutionary components, their popular and popular organizations that are steadily stepping towards the horizons of achieving the revolution’s slogans and aims, in order to establish the rules of sustainable democracy, and the pillars of life Pure civility focused on the principles of revolution, freedom, peace and justice, and for the sake of building a national economy Strong and independent, based on the mobilization of self-resources, depleting the energies and human resources that the homeland is abundant, in order to improve the living standards of the people and raise it to the level of international humanitarian and economic standards, and to achieve balanced construction and development, and to promote the national economy for the disadvantage of developed countries

The Economic Alliance for the Glorious December Revolution stands today in the foreground of the strong revolution, holding on to the principles and slogans of peaceful civil resistance that shake the pillars of the treacherous coup and its defeat and all the powers that support it and make way for the progress of the people, demanding retribution for the martyrs and martyrs of the nation. All those who have committed crimes against the Sudanese people and their dignity and looting their resources His goodness and restoration is complete and unadulterated to the people’s treasury and to promote the lives of the people and to build the country.

The coup doubled the suffering of the people and made it impossible to gain the reasons of life and a decent living in a rich country with its benefits, resources and human energy, and the coup d’état became acting in the resources of the country, the treasury of the people and its resources as if it were their own, and the allocations and privileges of the revolutionists and allies They and their followers and their supporters form an unbearable burden on the people through Soaring taxes, unrelenting fees and charges, through an unprecedented rise in inflation and record consumer prices. Access to daily basic commodities is becoming beyond the citizens’ capacity and capacity, and basic services such as health, education, environmental health and public transport are almost impossible. At the level of the total economy, the production sectors have collapsed, the deficit in the balance of payments especially the trade and service balance has increased, the value of the national currency has deteriorated and its purchasing power has become declining day by day as inflation increases, the decline of the production and lung service sectors Sia, all foreign trade indicators decline, the general budget deficit is increasing, and the failure of financial policy in general, and a decline FINANCIAL AND BANKING SECTOR, MONETARY POLICY FAILURE AND DOWNLOADED AT ALL LEVELS TO THE POINT THAT CENTRAL BANK HAS BECOME UNCONTROLABLE.

On the contrary, the coup d’état do not focus on the concerns of the citizen, the economic problems of the country, the issues of development and economic reform, but all of them focus on the continuation of the parasitic dominance of the existing regime, the military and security apparatus of them over 82% of the economic resources of the country D, and continue to control all joints of the economy to benefit the deep state and their allies from Leaders of the armed movements, their followers and supporters, who signed the Juba Agreement, harnessing all security and repressive apparatuses to protect their stay in power and protect their narrow economic interests.

Therefore, the economic alliance for the glorious December revolution raises the flag of radical change and calls on all the brave people to go out in the earthquake of the gathering witnessed and the promised date of June 30, 2022 AD to overthrow the coup and throw it in the garbage of history, united lined up as leaded buildings, and all throats are turning The corners of the earth are shaken and the heights of the heavens are high. The meshim stood up, the bass became red, enough was raged, and the flood reached, and the bracket of patience remained unbroken. There is no way for progress and to build a homeland of freedom, democracy, pure civil rule, sustainable true peace, and complete independent justice not incomplete just as chanted by the masses of the revolutionary people, and an independent national economy based on the mobilization and mobilization of economic and natural resources. Self explosion of human powers in the countryside, cities and all the beats of the country except by overthrowing the nightmare of this coup The dead cheater is on the chest of the people and the homeland, and writing its deserved end, and opening the doors of progress, advancement and upliftment of the homeland and the people to the level of developed countries and peoples.

Glory to the revolutionaries and glory to Sudan

Economic alliance for December glorious revolution

27 June 2022

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