Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Statement on the processions of the 30th of June (26.06.2022)

The revolution has begun…

Slogans echoed by hearts.

Glory and eternity to the martyrs of the Sudanese revolution through its successive waves in the course of history and speedy recovery and recovery for the injured and the noble promise of the missing and forcibly disappeared from our heroes revolutionaries.

The masses of our proud people in the locality of Khartoum, the forces of tyranny have been waiting for opportunities, weaving tricks and conspiracies against the resilient will of our people towards Sudan of freedom, peace and justice, the peak of its widespread evil was the October 25 coup, which re-energized the Sudanese men and women to reach the Sudan of the dream.

The vanguards of the Sudanese people are still wrestling and wrestling with the will of tyranny that the coup plotters have possessed since the first moments of the crime of the coup. During the eight months, which made a victorious path of resisting the coup under the slogan of the return of the military to the barracks, the establishment of a complete civil state, and the initiation of the realization of a single professional national army.

The thirtieth of June comes and the will of our people is stronger and our determination has gone ahead and our will is more solid in achieving the goals of the revolution on the outskirts of this great day, we call for the widest mass revival to end the coup and restore the path leading to civil and democratic transformation, realizing the will of the people, and establishing a state of freedom, peace and justice that embraces all.

The masses of our proud people in the locality of Khartoum we invite you, we in the Sudanese Congress Party, in the locality of Khartoum, and we call on all the forces of the revolution to unite and pay attention to the main battle with the forces of darkness and tyranny. A complete popular revival on the thirtieth of June will shake the forces of apostasy and deter the dreams of tyrants.

Sudanese Congress Party

Khartoum locality.

media secretariat

June 26, 2022

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