A review of “Man Vs Bee”

The 9 Episode long series of “Man Vs Bee” was a surprise and a shocker how good it was. The premise of the show or the series is very simple. Trevor, the newly employed house-sitter is sent to a modern day smart-home with expensive artefacts. Which his supposed to take care of and ensure everything is safe-and-secure. Also, take care of the dog for the week that the rich owners of the home is gone on vacation.

One of the best thing of this shows is that its short and simple. The jokes isn’t dragged out. Neither is the epic crashing scenes. This is a sort of disaster movie in several small scenes made into a TV series. For Rowan Atkinson this sort of movie wouldn’t be anything new. We can go back to the Bean – The Ultimate Disaster Movie of 1997 introduced to us. We are now several of decades later and the actor plays a similar sort of role.

That’s why it’s playing to the strengths of the main actor and the one who is the main performer. It could be silly and cringe, but it got me cracking. This is the first binge watching show I done in a while. Because, it was short and the premise was about one issue. It became interesting to see what is happening next.

The obsessions of the Bee was just showing how Trevor didn’t care or concerned about the things that matters. That’s why the ex-Wife even came with punchlines in the middle. The involvement of the Police Officer and the popping by at bad timing. Together with his acting with the owners over face-time was just cracking you up.

This was a slow disaster in the making. The destruction and craziness was evolving into the finalities and the charges pinned in court on Trevor for destroying someone’s home. That was the obvious fun stuff about the series.

The series was so much fun to watch. If you like Mr. Bean series or British humour. This is very fitting for you. In the way everything is evolving and how the main character Trevor is acting. It is just so much fun and you cannot copy Atkinson’s comedic timing. The way he does stuff and how it plays out. Just make you want to watch another episode. With enough time. I know I will rewatch it and enjoy it again.

Since, there was so many things happening in the modern-smart home and the obsession with the “Bee” made it all an interesting and fun watch. This got me cracking… laughing and I just couldn’t help to enjoy it.

This was a good production and not “dead air”. Neither was it forced either. This was a production and a series made for Rowan Atkinson. We the watchers and subscribers of Netflix got our minutes worth in the entertainment here. Peace.

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