Ethiopia: The PP is lying about the fuel crisis in the Tigray region…

During last week alone 3 fuel tankers carrying 137,913 litres have arrived in Mekelle, cumulatively reaching 920,309 liters of fuel sent to the region. The myth of fuel shortage is a TPLF hidden agenda to enhance mobility of its army in preparation for another round of conflict” (FDRE Government Communication Service, 23.06.2022).

Just as the Prosperity Party of the FDRE Government Communication Service was willing to lie about the closure of Mekelle Airport in the Tigray region. They are willing to lie about the fuel crisis and lack thereof in the Tigray Region. The lack of fuel and not enough of it. Is a reason for why the humanitarian assistance isn’t able to reach across the Tigray region. The vehicles cannot drive across the terrain or the roads to distribute the humanitarian assistance there.

It is really telling that the FDRE Government Communication Service did this today. That is just a sign of escalation and plans for future endeavours. This they have done before and the regime of Addis Ababa has no scruples or concerns about the consequences. As long as their detail and their message is spread across. Because, this is vilifying the victims and that what they pursuit.

Similarly in Tigray, extreme food insecurity is leading some IDPs to resort to eating wild plants to survive. While the arrival of additional humanitarian supplies into Tigray is expected to address some of these gaps, the scale of response is challenged by the lack of fuel to transport the supplies from Mekelle to different parts of the region. At least more than 334,000 liters of fuel (around 7 to 8 fuel tankers) are needed to distribute more than 42,000 MT of relief supplies within the region. Overall, since road convoys movement resumed on 1 April, about 2,500 trucks carrying over 101,000 MT of cargo, of which 86 per cent of the supplies are food and nutrition, have reached Tigray, including 21 fuel tankers. This includes 532 trucks, including 3 fuel tankers, arrived in Tigray during the reporting period” (OCHA, 16.06.2022).

I don’t the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs or OCHA would have any interests about lying or making fuel a myth in Tigray. To the contrary they need to be straight and honest for their donor and the international community, which funds the operations of the UN organizations and the humanitarian assistance to the Tigray region. The OCHA has no interests or needs to exaggerate or even make things worse. They are just in the business of addressing the needs and the hurt of the region.

That’s why I have little faith in a government, which has inflicted harm, punished a region collectively and persistent in vilifying the leadership of region. While never acting accountable or being transparent about own actions, which has created and ensured the humanitarian catastrophe of man-made famine and starvations of the Tigray region. That blockade for months on end has created it and they cannot switch the narratives now. Especially, when the OCHA reports, which is the newest one says it so vividly.

FDRE Government Communication Service needs a better writer and narrator. Heck, they need someone who can speak and say the truth. This is government propaganda in the purest form. It is not a myth that the Humanitarian assistance needs more fuel, but a fact, which is as a result of the federal government sponsored blockade. A blockade that has been successful in such a way, that we don’t know how many lives, how many millions who will be touched by it or is barely surviving. Because, we have bare estimations of 9 millions, but that is maybe only on the surface and who knows how bad it really is. Peace.

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