Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Press Statement (21.06.2022)

June 30.. Towards a united front for the forces of the revolution and a qualitative adjustment of the balance of forces to defeat the coup

The periodic meeting of the Executive Office of the Forces of Freedom and Change was held this evening, Tuesday, June 21, 2022 AD, the meeting discussed many issues of the political current. We devoted most of his time to the extensive preparation of the June 30 millionaires and their aftermath, and how to comprehensively prepare for them from all the forces of the revolution, leading to the defeat of the October 25 coup and the new establishment of a sustainable civil democratic transformation path. The meeting concluded the following:

First: June 30 is a milestone in the course of the Sudanese revolution, as it represents the memory of the people’s victory in the battle to complete the glorious December revolution in which its enemies lurked, so our people defeated them and proved that there is no place for apostasy in the dictionary of its opposition to tyranny. Therefore, we call on all the daughters and sons of our people to participate widely, inside and outside Sudan and in all of its cities and countryside, in unprecedented peaceful processions that prove the isolation of the coup and our people’s adherence to liberation from tyranny, and confirm that the first and primary means that will defeat the coup is the peaceful mass resistance.

Second: June 30 is a day to demonstrate the unity of the revolutionary forces and their determination to continue the path of resistance to the coup until its defeat. The counter-revolutionary forces have increased the pace of their work these days to thwart the June 30 processions through attempts to sow discord among the revolutionary forces, which are unsuccessful attempts that will not succeed in breaking the people’s resolve and unity.

Third: June 30 is one of several episodes to escalate peaceful mass action to comprehensive civil disobedience that leads to the defeat of the coup, we will work in the forces of freedom and change with all the forces of the revolution, including resistance committees, political, professional and civil forces, intellectuals, thinkers and actors to develop and diversify the means of our resistance action by using all the tried and developed means such as processions, strikes, disobedience and sit-ins so that our people can write an end to the October 25 coup and establish a new civil, democratic path that achieves the goals of our people in freedom, peace and justice.

On the other hand, the meeting listened to a detailed report on the meeting called by the United States of America and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the day before yesterday, Sunday, June 19, and which was called by the representative of the Forces of Freedom and Change and the representative of the military component in the coup authority, it was also attended by UN envoy Volker Perthes, who was devoted to following up on the results of the first meeting and whether any progress has occurred during the past few days.

The representative of the Forces of Freedom and Change conveyed the position of the coalition, which emphasized that this meeting is for follow-up only and not a meeting that leads to specific results. We also carried the position of the coalition, which we conveyed before the meeting, which was summed up in the fact that the entitlements of creating a democratic climate have not been fulfilled in a real way, as there are still political detainees behind bars, and the pace of violence against civilians has escalated throughout Sudan, and innocent martyrs have fallen as a result of this continuous violence.

We also made it clear in this meeting that Freedom and Change had drafted a paper expressing its viewpoint on how the political process would lead to an end to the coup, a vision that it presented for a wide discussion to develop in a way that expresses the visions of the anti-coup revolution forces.

The meeting also heard the visions of the military component that it presented in the meeting about its perception of some of the issues carried by the Freedom and Change paper, the discrepancies in the issues of the parties and stages of the political process and the role of the military institution in the transition, while the forces of freedom and change adhere to the new establishment. It must be based on full civil authority and that there is no return to the partnership again. At the conclusion of this meeting, the international facilitators affirmed their determination to continue their efforts to advance the success of the political process in order to achieve the goals and aspirations of the Sudanese people.

Executive Office of the Forces of Freedom and Change

June 21, 2022 AD

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