Opinion: Bebe Cool isn’t that special…

The Police on Sunday, June 19, confirmed armed rogue security officers had on Saturday night raided Ntinda Police Station and freed a suspect who had been booked in after he reportedly pulled out his pistol at musician Moses Ssali popularly known as Bebe Cool. Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire admitted the incident happened and promised to get back with full details, but had not done so by press time. We are yet to get full details of what happened, but we will brief the media on Monday (June 20),” Owoyesigyire said. He, however, confirmed they had the suspect’s gun” (Charles Etukuri – ‘Armed men raid Ntinda Police Station, free alleged Bebe Cool assailant – Kampala Sun’ 19.06.2022).

The first family entertainer and who has directly campaigned for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) for years. Certainly, a man like that and who has earned fortunes on the campaign trail. A man that has been a voice for the NRM and President Museveni.

He has acted like a big-man… at one point he might felt untouchable. The likes of Bebe Cool should know that everyone can be touched and yesterday his rent was due. He has played around with the upper echelons, but now he felt the bitter fruit of the reality for so many.

Yes, no one should be forced or be held at gun-point. That is something I don’t wish one my worst enemy. Still, the VIP and NRM apologist haven’t helped or cared for all the ones who has lost their lives, been tortured and arrested for their political belief in the Republic. Bebe Cool has accepted this with his silence and continues to entertain the regime.

It is not like Bebe Cool doesn’t know what the authorities and the security organizations have been doing for years. Yesterday, he just saw what sort of unites and officers that is around. Where impunity and injustice is served on a daily.

Bebe Cool must have heard about the drones, the extra judicial killings and people detained for months upon end… just for their political belief and who they are associated with. The musician just felt a pinch of what adversaries has been through. Being touched by rogue agents of the state, which is used to get away with murder. Now he felt that too and should respect what other people has gone through.

Still, Bebe Cool will live another day. It’s not like Bebe Cool has gotten treated like activists or opposition leaders. If Bebe Cool had been tear-gassed and felt the anti-riot police, heck the Special Forces Command on his tail. He would have been another breed by now.

No one should be what Bebe Cool was yesterday, but hard to feel sorry for him. Since, he has promoted the regime and they have built up this machinery. Now he felt a little bit of this viciousness and the sinister side of the state. Which we have spoken up about for years, but he has dismissed or disregarded, because the likes of him never gets to feel that pain.

Bebe Cool should await further investigation and expect this fall cold. Because, high profiled murders have never been solved either. Heck, the magical stone of Arua haven’t been answered yet either.

The musician should continue to sing the psalms of the state and hope this thing never happens again. However, he shouldn’t expect this to be resolved anytime soon, Bebe Cool needs to chill and prepare his next show. Because… his supposed to be one of them and now he felt a little touch of the harsh reality. Peace.

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