Ethiopia: Abiy’s twisted path to “peace”…

What we need is to restore peace in Ethiopia, to repeat the victory achieved in the law enforcement operation. By fighting, we maintained Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Ethiopia is on the right prosperous path. It is unquestionable. Ethiopia is building institutions that can endure challenges. We should never leave hatred and blood feud to coming generations. Let us control our emotions and go forward for peace that is what we need. We need peace with all actors including the TPLF. We need peace with everyone because we get reward from each peaceful day. Every time we get into fighting, it costs us. Not only money but also productive human lives. We are ready for peace to avoid further conflicts. We don’t like fighting; we hate fighting; I have experience of fighting since I was 14 years old. I have seen the results of fighting. It claimed the lives of my friends. I need development. Who likes fighting? It’s only those who don’t know it who love fighting. We want peace with everyone; but that doesn’t mean we have negotiated with TPLF.” – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali (14.06.2022).

It is hard to believe that this man was “worthy” at one point to the Nobel Peace Prize. However, in the year of 2022. No one should believe that this man is worthy of such an honour. The honour bestowed upon him wasn’t for his kind. No, he has ventured into war, destruction and used all means to consolidate power in the Republic.

Prime Minister Abiy is a warlord and this sort of speech proves that. He says the “Law Enforcement Operation” was successful, as it has ensured destruction, complete ruination of a region, massacres, mass-rape and a man-made-famine. That is really telling when he wants to repeat that “victory”. That’s saying something and there is no mercy, apparently.

What is striking by saying all of these words. The hatred and the means to an end has been clear for a while now. There been such talk of endless violence and trying to conceal the war-crimes committed. Just like his speaking of peace now and possible negotiation, but who really believes him?

Seemingly, the PM has been more interested in ordering bloodshed and going after his enemies. That’s why this sort of speech is hard to believe. Abiy can talk of saving lives and avoiding war. Nevertheless, most of his time in office has been decreeing and ensuring more conflict. That’s why the army and authorities are brutal in nearly every region of the Republic. There haven’t been any region where the state haven’t used impunity, injustice and been behind extra judicial killings. Therefore, the speaking of peace and wanting it is futile.

The PM has been a man of arms and using the “rule of law” as a stick to pin people. Anyone who suddenly oppose or dare to question will end up in jail or be in real trouble. That’s what is happening. So, his using all means to torment and go after anyone in the Republic.

He says he hate fighting? Why has the army, regional special forces and everyone else been so boosted and ordered to use violence, then? It doesn’t sound sincere or truthful. If this was only a one time or just to quell on bloody riot. Well, it could be believable. However, in this regard… the PM and his government has used the troops to silence the population an-mass.

Abiy wants to talk like he means this… but I don’t believe him a single bit. He would rather kill and destroy his enemies. The PM won’t talk or negotiate with an open heart. No, his just buying time to find another way of ending them. That’s why this humanitarian truce have been put in order. To buy time and get possible foreign aid to save the economy. The war has cost the state and inflation is running wild. Therefore, the PM needs a little bit stability before he strikes Tigray region again.

A man that could usher in a war like this. Can easily do it again. The goal is to end the ones who didn’t bend the knee and follow the program. Abiy is that sort of leader and that’s clear. Anyone who opposes him will be in jeopardy. Peace.

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