Dr. Kizza Besigye arrested in Kampala Central Business District and is detained at Nagalama Police Station

Besigye on Tuesday returned to the city center to resume his protests against rising commodity prices. He was however intercepted by dozens of law enforcement officers on Namirembe road where was addressing a crowd on top of his Toyota Land Cruiser” (Rest TV, 14.06.2022).

Rt. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye has been arrested & detained at CPS under heavy military deployment. Besigye was arrested at Mini Price, downtown Kampala rallying Ugandans to protest against the high commodity prices in renewed demonstrations” (97.8 Kazo FM Omushomesa, 14.06.2022).

Dr. Kizza Besigye has yet again come under surveillance and gotten into legal jeopardy because of his resilient and will to demonstrate for a just cause. The former Presidential Candidate and leader of Forum for Democratic Change are continuing the “Wake Up” Campaign against the rising commodity prices. As he again drove from Kasangati in Wakiso district to Kampala Central Business District. Where he started to drop off “Red Cards” or Flyers for the cause and talk in a public.

The ones that has followed Besigye knew it would end this way. There is no way in the world or within the current regime that a person like Besigye could protest or demonstrate without being arrested. That was inevitable. There was no way out and the authorities would apprehend him and take him away. They would impound the vehicle and take him far away.

It has been reported that Besigye was first taken to the Kampala Central Police Station and later whisked away to Nagalama Police Station in Mukono District. As there been reports that he was taken to Buganda Road Court and again dropped off at Nagalama Police Station.

We know that his now on a spiral of being kept in custody. Where he will fight for his freedom and return to the streets. As he will be produced and there will be a bond/bail application. We can expect it to be excessive and possible sky-high. In such a fashion, that you would think he killed a nursery or a kindergarten. Alas, all he did was doing his constitutional right of demonstrating for a just cause.

The final reports is that Besigye will spend the night at Nagalama Police Station. In this regard, everyone should expect this to play out for the next coming days and possible for a two weeks time or so. It depends on how the bonds will be made and if he again will spend a day or a few possible weeks in the slammer.

Besigye is just starting another stint and issues with the legal system, which is built to degrade and be a depressing ordeal for anyone who faces it. We know that Besigye is resilient and has a record amount of charges against him. He has more bond-notes or bail documents, which should be fitted to a part of a museum exhibition in the future. Because, no one has been in jail and detained as Besigye has ever been.

Time will tell, but will not be shocked if he sooner or later spends days behind bars in Luzira. Peace.

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