Opinion: What is Ramaphosa hiding? [Suspending the Public Protector speaks volumes!]


President Cyril Ramaphosa has in accordance with section 194 (3)(a) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, decided to suspend Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane from the office of the Public Protector effective 9 June 2022” (…) “Section 194(3) (a) of the Constitution provides that the President may suspend the Public Protector (or any member of a Chapter 9 institution) “at any time after the start of proceedings by a committee of the National Assembly for [their] removal”” (Presidency South Africa, 09.06.2022).

Now, the cat is out of the bag. What is happening with the Executive, the Head of State in South Africa is very obvious. We know that his already hidden the receipts and been less than transparent about the CR17 Report. Today’s suspension of Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane from President Cyril Ramaphosa only shows there is cause to fear and know that his compromised.

President Ramaphosa has things hidden. He has transactions, government business and possible usage of powers in office, which should be investigated. With the act of suspending the Public Protector a day after launching investigation into the recent allegations. Only shows how he will undermine the authorities and the investigators of the state. The ones that is keeping the civil servants and the public officials accountable for their actions.

The current President who took over after Jacob Zuma over a State Capture case. Is now dwindling down a similar path. We can wonder, if anyone has compromised him so much or traded business in such a manner… that Ramaphosa is afraid of releasing the documents or proving his innocence. Because, the President knows it is troubling and could get into a scandal he cannot control.

Right now, everything that has been questionable will be put under a special light. The public, the opposition and everyone else will wonder. If he has more things hidden in the chambers of power. If he has paperwork or a paper-trail that is hidden from the public. Secondly, if there is deals, agreements, tenders and whatnot, which has been greased in his favour. Because, when this is happening now.

Certainly, this reminds of the previous slow investigation of the State Capture, which hasn’t been solved or been finished to this day. It has been slowly investigated and the cronies around Zuma haven’t been touched. That just shows that the system only changed heads, but continued it’s sweet deals behind closed doors.

Instead of the Gupta’s it’s someone else and Arthur Fraser dropping details too. The questions of Bantu Holmisa MP to the Parliament and the powerful Economic Freedom Fighters statement just shows what is happening. Ramaphosa has to answer for this and the suspension of the Public Protector only says by so many words that there is more to this.

President Ramaphosa is hiding something in plain sight. He has secrets which he fears for the public to know. The President fears to be probed and looked into. That means he knows he has done something wrong and is worried to be exposed. If he had nothing to fear. He wouldn’t have done this, but it tells who is.

This is a new State Capture case and Ramaphosa isn’t tricking anyone. His instead showing what sort of person he is and he isn’t able to deflect it either. It is instead showing that there is something under the surface and his hiding it. Peace.

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