Opinion: Besigye is paying a to high fee for his freedom

Dr. Besigye whisked away from CPS Kampala where he had gone to demand for his impounded vehicle moments after Buganda Rd court released him on bail at a fee of UGX 3m relaxed from UGX 30m by high court judge Michael Elubu!” (Ekyooto, 06.06.2022).

Dr. Kizza Besigye,the Former FDC Party President who was earlier on arrested and remanded to Luzira prison, has been granted bail by the High Court after his bail fee was reviewed by reducing from the earlier UGX 30 million to UGX 3 million” (SpiceFM 89.9 Hoima, 06.06.2022).

Dr. Kizza Besigye who two weeks ago was on the streets and after over month of his “Waking Up” Campaign. As he is fighting on the streets and with the people to demonstrate against the rising prices on basic commodities. Since the inflation is growing worse and the salaries are not following the adjusted prices. Therefore, the public have to scrape by and has less purchasing power. So, the campaign is a justified one…

Though we know under the reign of President Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NRM) no demonstration or protest is justified. No, sort of dissent or voice of reason, which isn’t the “high above” is worthy or deemed fit. That’s why the dissent and the rebellious Besigye is getting into trouble and been “felon” again for a while.

Besigye paying 3 million shillings to get his “freedom” is extremely high. It isn’t like he committed murder or actually burned down Kampala Central Business District. No, he just tried to get people to demonstrate and speak the public who was around Arua Park. That all he did as he dipped through traffic and was able to get out of house-arrest in Kasangati, Wakiso District.

It isn’t like he did something directly wrong. His within his rights to drum up protest and be vocal on the sidelines of streets in Kampala. The law enforcement is just taking away that right and stripping of his liberties. Which has become so common, that people can spell out the regulations of the Public Order Management Act (POMA) and the Penal Code(s) as well. Since, these are used against anyone who dares too and voices grievances in public spaces.

Besigye price for freedom is to large. This is just another matter of injustice. Just like his prolonged house-arrests, the pre-emptive arrests and the taking away of vehicles. The impounding of his vehicle and other gadgets. Which are just what the state does…

You would think Besigye was a danger to society. That his a serial criminal and villain of epic proportions. When all he is a political activists and a freedom fighter. His an actual renegade for justice and liberty, which he seems to never get himself. That’s because the system is built against him and the likes of him. They are all facing the law and become criminals for doing the bidding of a righteous cause.

Besigye is paying a price, which has already paid in ten-folds. Not only this bail or bond payment. No, all the time spent behind bars, all the charges and the bruises, which his skin has felt countless of time. He has suffered, been scorned and dealt an unfair hand. Still, he has played with those cards and tried to forge a way. A road that is never coming, a peaceful ending, which never seems to come.

Still, he hangs in and never gives up. That is resilience. That is inspiring. He deserves so much better, but somehow his ends up with a losing hand. Peace.

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