Opinion: Macron is turning himself into an Orbán-Light

We must not humiliate Russia so that the day when the fighting stops we can build an exit ramp through diplomatic means” (…) “I am convinced that it is France’s role to be a mediating power” – President Emmanuel Macron

We know that Budapest and Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is an ally of President Vladimir Putin. That has been shown over the years and Fidesz is preferring close ties to Kremlin and Moscow. French President Macron has had countless of phone-calls and wanting to be a significant player in the war in Ukraine ahead of the polls in France and now after. This is very clear and he doesn’t even try to deny that.

Macron has clearly not seen what sort of means, efforts or the total destruction, which the Russian invasion of Ukraine brings. Neither does he seem affected by the extra judicial killings or the raping of innocent woman. He doesn’t mind the total destruction of towns, citizens and townships. That isn’t troublesome. Neither is the massacres and mass-graves made by the Russian invading forces.

Why do I say that?

Well… Macron is yet again afraid of humiliating the Russians. He is afraid that Putin is looking stupid and dumb. Macron is deeply afraid of how Putin will react or feel. If Putin will feel hurt or suffer, because he waged a war on a false premise. Where he has ensured total devastation and destruction of parts of Ukraine.

Macron in these sorts of statements are more directly concerned with Kremlin and Russia. His not considering the plights, the pains or the suffering caused on Kyiv. That’s where his heart should lay and not consider the costs, which is directly coming home to roost as a consequence of actually invading a neighbouring country.

The war has now been going on for 101 days. The war has been going on from since February 2022. The Russian and Belorussian allies has used all means, tactics and methods of war to win. They have not speared anyone no mind and killed civilians in action. There is nothing that they are not willing to commit or do. That’s why reading to save face of Russians after this is outrageous. It is obnoxious.

Macron is worried about his friend and fellow President Putin. These actions could just be of a man who is associated with Orbán. That’s why I call Macron an “Orbán-Light” like a soda or a beer with lesser calories or sugar. Since, his the diet edition of a beverage in concern to the Prime Minister of Hungary.

The French President is now losing face. His looking like Putin’s little puppet. This is neither powerful nor smart. It is actually foolish. Macron and his European allies should boost the military and ties to Kyiv. Instead, his soft on Putin and Kremlin. That is just disregarding the fight for freedom and territorial integrity of which is justified in the sense of Ukraine.

Macron would easily given away Donbas to Kremlin to buy “peace”. However, we know that is a waste. Because, taking Crimea wasn’t enough. Therefore, Moscow and Kremlin will carve up more territory in Ukraine if they could. That’s why this war was issued and to get a friendly proxy-regime installed in Kyiv. Peace.

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