Ethiopia: Abiy is boastful of the blockade of Tigray

They did 47 years of struggle. They first fought for 17 years. Ten thousands has died. They then became government for certain years. They stepped down from government and many people died again. Overall, 40 years of effort made sure that going to Gondar or Asmara only a daydream [for them]. It brought no single drop of benefit for Tigray” – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali (02.06.2022).

It has been two days since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali said this to a national broadcaster while his visiting development projects in Bale, Oromia region. We know that the humanitarian truce has let in more convoys and trucks, but never at the levels that the humanitarian organizations has said was needed.

The Tigray region is still struggling and lacks everything. There is a possibility of a man-made famine, mass-starvation and plights unknown to men. In a region where millions are lacking food security and basic necessities. The blockade haven’t only been direct blocking of humanitarian convoys. It has been blocking of the telephone-line, internet and utilities like electric too.

That’s why seeing the interview and that the PM would say this so close to having a meeting with African Union Envoy Olusegun Obasanjo who also seeing the development of Oromia. It just shows how brazen and how Abiy disregard Tigray. How he wants the Tigray to suffer and never heal. That is the message that’s coming here.

While we know that the Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” have been stationed in the Western Tigray and also Eritrean Defence Force (EDF). We know that the parties have planned to continue the siege and the war is far from over. It is only a waiting game before another “final offensive” and an end of the tyranny.

Abiy is proud of besieging Tigray and blocking it. The deliberate weakening of Tigray and endless suffering it has caused since November 2020. The sort of devastation and destruction, which can be hard to phantom. As there reports of numbers of dead, massacres, internally displaced people (IDPs) and unknown levels of people suffering with lack of medicines or treatment. Therefore, the reality is grim and people have been tormented, because Abiy wanted to consolidate all power.

Abiy wanted everyone under his wings and the ones who dissent will get punished. The punishment will either be with fierce retaliation of the authorities or a lethal act of epic proportions. That’s how he ensures everyone knows the “drill”. As it is all about “unity” and “rule of law” but that’s for other to follow. He can issue or order “death” or even “extra judicial-killings” with no consequences, as it is done in the banner of the Federal Government and whatever sort of justification the PM has that week.

If you still believe Abiy… his proud of destroying his enemies. He is now a man who stands by the ideals of blocking everything to Tigray. Just so it cannot access or have any sort of ability whatsoever. While his allies can still onslaught a return with violence to a region in dire distress. Where the murders of the state is covered up and the unknown levels of war-crimes has been committed. Still, he is proud that his effort of bloodshed and collective punishment have been done.

That’s the sort of warlord and leader Abiy is… the ones believing in the dialogue or the process to peace with him. Clearly doesn’t know him. These sorts of words shows who he is and what his all about. And if you don’t know, now you know. Peace.

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