Opinion: Kalonzo, Kalonzo, Kalonzo …

Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in”Michael Corleone (Godfather Part III, 1990)

It is tiring to follow the movements of Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM) and One Kenya Alliance principal Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. The manner and way he has acted before the polls this year… is to say the least hectic and breathtaking.

If Kalonzo thinks this makes him smart or wise. Well, it don’t and only shows how he tries to get a bigger slice of the pie. That is good in the long-term plans for himself, but we know he has ethical or moral ties to anything. As long as his men and his allies are paid off as well.

Kalonzo has moved back-and-fourth. Within the OKA alone and parts of Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Alliance. He has not looked like a smooth operator or a sort of bankable figure. No, his just another one of those with too much ambition for his own cause. Kalonzo’s ego and publicity stunts isn’t all that either.

He knew deep down that he would be lost and lonely if he ditched Azimio. That’s why a return to the fold isn’t shocking. Kalonzo just needed a second negotiation after Odinga ditched him as a running mate. That got to hurt his pride and ego. A man of Kalonzo’s stature and been vibrantly saying “it’s his turn” but we knew that he wouldn’t stand up to Baba.

No one within Azimio stands up to Baba. They just have to listen to Baba. Odinga have already played this game twice with Kalonzo in CORD and NASA. So, Odinga and his team knows the ways of Kalonzo. This time around it is shown that he isn’t that big or has the leverage of which he hoped for. This is why someone else became the running mate and for Azimio is that a brilliant idea.

We knew that the running mate question was a vital one for Kalonzo. Since he still believed he would have something to say and be big-man of epic proportion. Sometimes the likes of Kalonzo thinks they are giants, but seriously… when you have made things this hard. You cannot be that great or grand. Neither is you a sophisticated politician either. Your just searching for the biggest meal-ticket and hoped you could bushwhack an alliance you had already joined. So, a second negotiation is only done to buy “peace” and ensure “envelopes” when the polls are over. Therefore, Kalonzo did it all for selfish reasons.

Kalonzo has shown that his neither conning or smart about it. He went slowly into the Azimio and when it didn’t go his way. He bolted out temporarily and returned when Odinga greased his wheels. That’s why Kalonzo isn’t that smooth or bright, as we cannot believe that his participation is sincere.

Kalonzo, Kalonzo and Kalonzo your time as a kingmaker or a kingpin is over. That is for sure. Your a punchline and a liability. That’s because you can be bought and stands for nothing. If did stand for something. He wouldn’t have returned this time, as he would believe in his case and be an “independent” presidential candidate. However, he couldn’t even do that… sorry for the person that signed off as his deputy. That brother needs a ride and a ticket to the moon now.

Kalonzo… who are you kidding? You have made everything to hard and the story of this election shows from the on-set in OKA. Where he was the most useful figure and the Flag-Bearer of the ages. Nevertheless, he thought he could bring that to the table in Azimio too, but the coalition had other ideas, which has been hurting his inner-vision.

That’s why he had to settle for a future meal. If that is your guy… I hate to tell you, but this man isn’t all that. Kalonzo isn’t a maverick and only one generation of politicians who is seeking office for personal benefits. That’s why when he couldn’t become Deputy he had to re-negotiate to get a better cut of the future cabinet and whatnot. He has only exposed that his not as great or as powerful as he himself believes.

Because… if he was that… he wouldn’t need to bicker back and fourth. He wouldn’t need all the trials and tribulations to get at this point. If he was as genuine and sincere as he himself thinks… his candidacy and relevancy would have brought the leverage from the first agreement with Azimio. However, that didn’t happen and his surely not that big of a bargain.

It is just tragic man… we all understand why he ditched and dropped out of Uhuru Park. He was trying to co-ordinate his future in the second term of Jubilee. Now, he has done this to have an advantage in Azimio. Nevertheless, everyone knows that his a day-trader and not a long-term player. Sooner or later… he will make a fuzz and the headlines will come again.

That’s why Kalonzo is tiring and neither is a hopeful either. If he had stood alone he would have been the third-wheel and be another Aukot. Now, he will be part of the team, but it shouldn’t be this way. It is just tragic that they entertained him and gave way. That is why he believes that about himself… while the true character of Kalonzo is shown.

Kalonzo, Kalonzo, Kalonzo, they pulled him back in. Peace.

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