Besigye has been detained a week in Luzira Prison now…

Since last week Dr. Kizza Besigye has been in prison. That after him and his team didn’t accept the outrageous fee of 30 million shillings bond-fee to get him out on bail. Since then he has lingered behind bars in Luzira Prison. In Luzira he has been in detained for a week after the courts gave him the choice and since then little to nothing has happened in this case.

Just a friendly reminder, but before the arrest on the 24th May 2022 and the authorities apprehended him in the Central Business District by Arua Park. That happened after his was able to dip through the road-blocks and the monitoring squads in Kasangati, Wakiso district. Where he had been under pre-emptive house-arrest for a week. So, the gist of it… with the house-arrest since Mid-May 2022 he has practically been a felon and a “jail-bird”.

To be straight, it all started this around the 12th May and most likely unless things changes rapidly. He will clock 12th June and then his been in the hands of the authorities practically for a month. That’s all happening because he wants to demonstrate and stand-up to regime that does practically nothing about the rising commodity prices. This is why his behind bars and gotten into trouble.

Besigye have tried to demonstrate and be a “wake-up call” but it haven’t really started yet. Yes he has caused and stirred some conversations, but there is no united front against the government. There is no joint effort or activists joining on board. The Red Card Front is alone in this and the other parties are idly looking by.

The needs are there, but the worries, concern and the brutal oppression has a cost. People are afraid of losing their lives or their livelihoods for that matter. We know the authorities and the armed forces are quelling demonstrations, riots and whatnot without no mercy. They don’t mind if people are injured, hurt or even killed. As long as the people are tear-gassed and dispersed… it doesn’t matter how they did it, as long as that happens.

What is striking about Besigye is that he has never given up or retired. Even with all the trouble, agony and plights he has gone through. He has stood up in courts all across the republic. Been charged, detained and await trial in abundance. No one has stood as tall and been as resilient as him.

Besigye has been here before… actually he has been detained in Luzira at the very moment in 2016 and sent out a martyr day’s message from the same prison. Therefore, this isn’t anything new. Just a continuation of the same struggle, the never ending story. As things doesn’t change, but the causes remains the same. Peace.

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