Malawi: Chakwera avoided mentioning Sattar’s name by default…

Secondly, while I was away, I was informed that both social media and main stream media houses in the country were reporting that at a court proceeding in the United Kingdom, some senior officials in my Administration were named as accomplices in acts of corruption allegedly committed by a British citizen under investigation there. Tonight, I come to address you on these two developments” – President Lazarus Chakwera (31.05.2022).

It is truly a State Capture case by now. The connections and the allegations of Zuenth Sattar’s business practices within the Republic of Malawi. The businessman has connections and direct influence of the current government and the previous one too. Since, he can get away with it and not even being addressed. When everyone who has been following for a minute knows that his connected to it all.

President Chakwera by this National Address only furthers the proof of what Sattar has accomplished. Since, he has been able to directly partake and pay-off high-ranking officials. To such an extent. That they are afraid of naming him. They are all on his “pay-roll” and are “indebted” to him. That’s why the President cannot even say it, but only mention the ongoing corruption in the United Kingdom. Like it is a mysterious and unknown hoodlum who has tricked the republic. Because, the reverend is a man of words, been so for years and therefore, it is telling when he avoids a name. It’s like the preacher-man don’t want to speak of the devil. When the devil is in the details…

He continues:

Admittedly, these are serious allegations, and I know you are anxious and filled with suspicion, and I understand the anguish and anger you all feel from hearing these allegations. I feel the same distress you do from hearing allegations of corruption in the highest offices in the land, and I am just as frustrated as you are to hear that the British suspect recently visited Malawi and none of the agencies actively investigating him here noticed, thus missing a golden opportunity to make progress on the matter” (Chakwera, 31.05.2022).

Chakwera implies that he was just a vagabond and a random person travelling to Malawi. Like he didn’t know or just implicated for some reason. That the public will take it for granted and not understand what has been going on. Sattar has been known and he has been able to have leverage over the state. In such a manner, that only the British or the UK Courts will take a hold of him. Because, Sattar knows that the scandal and the grand scale of this corruption is only showing what is happening behind closed doors. Something that the President doesn’t want exposed, as he was getting easy money and so was his associates in government.

Near the end:

More broadly, today I am also announcing a new nationwide campaign for driving corruption out of Government agencies, which will be launched this July at a National Anti-Corruption Conference that I will host. A nationwide campaign against corruption is necessary because going by the recent findings that many of you feel that corruption is getting worse, our campaign to fight it also needs to be intensified” (Chakwera, 31.05.2022).

This here is a lot of hot-air. Empty promises and new campaign to end corruption. Instead of fighting it directly and target the ones within the administration who is implicated or participated in the bad behaviour. His instead making a conference and a campaign out of it. Just like it is easier to look at crops and visit district of the Republic, than to actually govern. Therefore, this is an escape route and a way of shielding it. Since it looks like he intends to do something, but most likely he hopes the scandal and the case dies out by that time.

He ends with:

Going forward, my pledge to all of you is simple: no matter what challenges we face or what changes they demand, I will always act in your best interest as your servant and act in accordance with the law to the best of my ability, so help me God” (Chakwera, 31.05.2022).

The great pastor returns with his promise to the congregation. That he will not sin, disobey or be disobedient. However, no one in their right mind believes that now. He couldn’t even name the guy, the man, the myth and the legend. The man who has created the state capture and was able to run away with it. That’s why the case is overseas and not in Lilongwe or Blantyre. This is why the evidence and the courts of UK is dealing with it. Because, Malawian government and high-ranking officials would safeguard and shield the man that is feeding them. They are eating additional feasts because of his “generosity” which is on the back-end was giving him favourable terms to trade and operate in the Republic.

The scandal of Sattar only shows how deep this went. It is only showing what sort of leverage and at such a alarming rate he could get into the web of the state. That’s why the President fears his name and won’t even mention it. However, mentions the case in question, but not the man behind it all. Like it is a swear-word or a crime to even say it out loud. That is saying something.

Chakwera is afraid of mentioning Sattar. A Head of State is worried about speaking of and entertain the idea of the practices committed by one businessman. That says a lot about this case and how the preacher has failed to live up to his promises. Peace.

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