Opinion: The man who has blocked humanitarian assistance for months, begs the international community to strengthen their support…

During the 15th Extraordinary AU Humanitarian Summit, I reiterated Ethiopia’s commitment to ensuring assistance reaches those afflicted by natural & man made disasters. It is imperative that partners scale up their support for humanitarian services across the continent” (Abiy Ahmed Ali, 28.05.2022).

The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali is bold and really a living hypocrisy. Yes, at the recent weeks there has finally been allowed some trucks or convoys into the Northern Regions of the Republic. As the Ethiopian government have blocked, put bureaucratic hurdles and ensured that nothing has entered the war-torn region. Alas, of late and after the truce there has come a little in. While it is far from what is needed and a man-made famine has been created. That is what the PM is responsible for and his government have vilified “wheat-aid” and whatever humanitarian assistance in the past.

So, that the PM says this at the African Union Humanitarian Summit in Malabo says something. Like we are supposed to forge the millions who are struggling and starving. Because, the PM wanted to prove a point against the regional government in Mekelle. That is the gist of it all.

It is really something that he says this now. After all the heartache, pain and suffering he has inflicted on a region, which is a war that is ordered in his name.

His reported to have said this:

““Therefore, a lot of work is being done with partners to reduce the risk of natural disasters.”

Abiy further noted that strong drought prevention measures are crucial as previous droughts in the region have shown its worst impact. “Ethiopia will strengthen its efforts to withstand the challenges of climate change by planting billions of seedlings a year under the green legacy program. Accordingly, despite the global economic crisis the country continues to provide unreserved humanitarian assistance to millions of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), he emphasized” (The Ethiopian Herald – ‘ Premier calls for more humanitarian support to Africa’ 28.06.2022).

His acting like his a saviour and has the answers, which is striking when his government is burning the republic from the inside. The government his running and operating is causing the suffering. The PM and his henchmen is in-charge of the insecurity, food-insecurity and the newly internally displaced people. It’s his wars, “Law Enforcement” Operations and “Rule of Law” campaigns that causes this. Where civilians are arrested, detained, kept incommunicado and tortured. Dissidents are targets and arrested too. That’s what is happening in the Republic and on orders of the PM.

Yes, his planting green trees and trying to forge a “green legacy” but what he will be remembered for is his “Medemer Terror”. The violence, the brutal wars and conflicts done in his name. The assassinations, mass-murders, massacres and others happening on his watch. The bloodshed has been done in his name and he is behind a silent killer called starvation or man-made famine. That’s all his work. The score card is sinister and evil. So, it is really striking that a man who rules like this.

Speaks like that at an international setting. Trying to forge a positive narrative. Like we don’t know what is happening in Ethiopia. We haven’t seen the atrocities of the state in Ogaden, Oromia, Amhara, Afar or Tigray regions for that matter. We know and the injustice will linger on for long. The reign of Abiy will damage a generation and he will be at fault.

This is the sins of Abiy and he has to carry them. Peace.

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