Ethiopia: 3 more journalists arrested [Sabontu Ahmed, Bekalu Alamrew & Meaza Mohammed]

It is now reported that three journalists has been arrested, detained and it’s a total crackdown on free speech in the Republic. The amounts of journalists arrested of late is 22 in 2022 alone. That just shows what the Prosperity Party and the Federal Government does to shield it’s message. As they are not accepting any dissent or any sort of critic of any sorts. This is why the Prime Minister and the authorities are targeting media houses and journalists at large.

The latest three known arrests are these and this is the timeline of their arrests. While the two first was announced yesterday. The latest has happened only this morning. Therefore, the system at large is going after journalists who isn’t performing after the government narratives, but is addressing the issues as they see fit. That’s why they are targeted and arrested. Because, we are not seeing any arrests in the government friendly press, but in the rest of them.

Here is the timeline:

On the 26th May they arrested Sabontu Ahmed of Finfinnee Integrated Broadcasting, and 27th May they arrested Bekalu Alamrew of Ethio Forum. Roha Media editor Meaza Mohammed was detained by Addis Ababa police this morning on the 28th May 2022.

So, when you see this. You just know that all press are under fire. The state is going after anyone who is willing and who isn’t following the party line of the Prosperity Party. If you stand in their way or dares to question their behaviour. Than you can easily get arrested and detained by the authorities. This will be done without any forewarning and without direct charges. We don’t know what the journalists are arrested over. However, it is most likely in connection with the new “rule of law” campaign in Amhara region. As they have started with the injustice and impunity there, as the Federal Government have done in other regions in the recent years. Peace.

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