Malawi: Sattar’s invisible hand is getting exposed…

“Vice President, Saulos Chilima, former ACB director, Reyneck Matemba, police IG George Kainja, lawyer, Mwambi Kaluba and government procurement chairperson, John Suzi Banda, have been named in court affidavits in the Zuneth Sattar case as suspected beneficiaries of fraud. The affidavit in a London court, is based on what it called evidence collected to demonstrate Sattar’s influence and corruption in Malawi. President Lazarus Chakwera is not named in the affidavits but his Chief of Staff, Prince Harvey Kapondamgaga. The affidavit also provides insight into alleged corruption behind three multi-billion contracts signed with the Malawi government under both the Peter Mutharika and Lazarus Chakwera administrations between 2019 and 2021. Full story is on PIJ Malawi Facebook page” (Zodiak Online, 27.05.2022).

The man, the myth and the legend get revealed in court documents. At this point this shouldn’t shock people in Lilongwe or Blantyre. That the investor and businessman Zuneth Sattar have a web of deceit and of profit, which has been viable and possible, because of his connections over the years. That’s why his been untouchable and been able to gain such marketable and profitable enterprises in the Republic.

This is the superior grand corruption case, a state capture of which one man has influenced and enriched himself. While ensuring the greater patronage of the state has been served and gotten a piece of the pie. That’s why he hasn’t faced prosecution or legal problems in Malawi. Since, the high-ranking officials has been connected to him and earned their cut. This has not only happened in the Tonse Alliance, but also during the previous administration.

Here is on report from yesterday in connection too it:

“The Daily Times understands that Sattar approached the court to vary his bail conditions following his arrest on March 25 upon his return from Malawi. The sources told The Daily Times that lawyer from the National Crime Agency (NCA) Chris Convey told the court that Sattar had left the UK on March 11 and arrived in Malawi on March 15 where he is suspected to have contacted some of the government officials to destroy evidence and defeat the aims of justice. The source also said the lawyer further told the court that through recordings that the NCA has presented in court as part of the evidence, Sattar had interacted with at least nine government officials including one sitting Cabinet minister” (Rebecca Chimjeka – ‘Govt officials in Sattar case’ 26.05.2022, Times 360 Malawi).

We knew earlier in the year that he had suction and had vast influence since cases never gotten anywhere. The companies owned by Sattar was “untouchable” and he had powerful players within government to play along with. That is very obvious by the United Kingdom investigation and court trial. As the documents are showing how far his reach is and who he got on “speed-dial”. Just the mere reach and possibility of being in connection with such people. Shows what sort of power, greed and graft has on people.

Sattar is just showing why he never got touched in the first place. Because who would dare to double-cross a man who is in the pockets of the former President’s administration and who is in association with the Vice-President and inner circle of the current President. That’s why he had to be indicted and charged overseas. Since, they wouldn’t dare to do this in Lilongwe or in Blantyre.

No matter how you look at it. This is far from the look that President Chakwera wants or his VP Chilima. They are both connected with the case and implicated in the corruption that is investigated in the United Kingdom. That’s not what anyone wants on their name or reign.

Sattar seems to be the kingpin and the businessman who was able to run from the law in Malawi but isn’t able to do so in London. Peace

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