Ethiopia: 2 more journalists arrested today [Temesgen Desalegn & Yayesew Shimeles]

A managing director of Feteh Magazine Journalist Temesgen Desalegn has been abducted by an armed forces of government today in Addis Ababa. He is known for his weekly critiques of the government based on factual informations” (Lisanework Yirsaw, 26.05.2022).

Journalist Yayesew Shimeles was reportedly taken away by security forces around 1PM local time. His lawyer told Addis Standard that he was taken to Sostegna police station in Arada Sub- city” (Addis Standard, 26.05.2022).

The continues crackdown on the press and media houses with no breaks or stop. This is just shows what sort of regime that is in Addis Ababa. The supposed “reformists” and Prosperity “Gospel” Party is selling old tricks and bargains. As they are targeting anyone who questions their reign and their policies. Anyone can be a target and be in custody. That’s the proof of the recent weeks.

The state can turn on anyone and they can become felons as well. That is what is happening here. Not just journalists, but citizens and activists. In Ethiopia right now… if you are openly dissenting against the throne and his court. Expect to be court-side or be brought into custody. You will be detained long without any official charges or court-dates. There will be no trial or mercy on you.

These two are now facing the law and being produced on a much later date in court. Where the charges and the alleged criminal conspiracy is shown. Because, right now, there is a free-for-all of arrest of anyone who questions, critic or dissent from the party-line of the PP. That is the gist of it all and nobody is safe. Peace.

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