Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Executive Office – Statement on the escalation of the coup d’état’s violence and the threat to the country’s food security (25.05.2022)

Yesterday, the escalating violence campaigns of the coup authority continued against the defenseless of the revolutionaries of our people, causing dozens of casualties in Berri, before the blood of the martyr Muhammad Khalis, who fell in Omdurman by the bullets of the security and military forces of this revolutionary authority, dries up, let this pure blood be written with an ink of light that the revolution of our people will remain and that violence in confronting it will only increase its determination and adherence to peace as a noble weapon in the face of the forces of oppression and darkness.

This violence proves what we have been repeating in the forces of freedom and change that calls to engage in the political process now contradict the facts on the ground, which prove that the coup authority is determined to walk in the blood of our people without hesitation in order to monopolize an illegitimate authority among this people. In view of this, we in the Forces of Freedom and Change call for (to open an international investigation into the incidents of violence in different parts of the country, to ensure that the facts are revealed and to hold the perpetrators of these crimes accountable in an open and transparent manner).

On the other hand, at a time when the repercussions of the Russian invasion of Ukraine threaten global food security, and in light of a terrible decline in the reserves of wheat and food grains in the world, which threatens our African continent in general and our country in particular, and at the same time, the coup authority is refraining from providing resources to buy the local wheat crop, which has suffered from the repercussions of the coup to reduce its production to less than half of what was produced last year under the transitional civilian rule, the coup authority’s refusal to buy local wheat despite the doubling of its global prices, throwing farmers to death as they are unable to pay their obligations and contribute to the failure of the agricultural season next year, and it threatens the food security of the country, which has reliable reports that nearly half of its population is under the threat of severe food shortage and famine and its increasing indicators before the end of this year, and due to this neglect, locally produced crops began to find their way outside the country, unlike the rest of the world, which is now building food reserves and working to secure its position, and prevent the leakage of its crops in anticipation of the food disaster that the world is going through.

This coup is an imminent danger that affects all the daughters and sons of our people, and its resistance and defeat is an individual duty that must not be retracted an inch. The future is worse, and if we do not gather our unity and strength and confront it firmly and decisively, the cost will become more expensive day after day, and our people will pay it from their lives, security, strength and safety.

Forces of Freedom and Change – Executive Office

May 25, 2022 AD

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