Opinion: Abiy needs to learn how to face the music…

In a letter to the magazine Mr Abiy’s office said they are ”dismayed” with the way he has been represented as well as the portrayal over who started the country’s civil war. It describes his depiction as a ”character assassination” and accuses it of echoing the narrative of the TPLF – the regional party that has been fighting federal troops in the north. It has requested the magazine give an explanation. There has been no immediate comment from publication” (Ameyu Etana – ‘Ethiopia unhappy over Abiy’s portrayal in Time 100 list’ 24.05.2022, BBC Afaan Oromoo).

We the ruler of Addis Ababa prefers to be seen in a favourable light. He prefers that people praises his every move and decision. That is how Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali wants it. The man is not used to scrutiny or real questioning of his office.

The wartime and warlord is used to get away with murder. The man of all seasons can burn every region of the Republic. While he goes to parties and rallies, if not having publicity stunts growing trees or green fields of magnificent crops. While the people are starving of lack of food, either by the humanitarian blocked in the North or drought in the South.

We know that Abiy wants to be the statesman and seen as a visionary. His supposed to be a reformist and a man of peace. That’s why he has opened the Ministry of Peace and signed a secretive agreement with Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki. Therefore, he wants to be seen as a man of change and someone of the future. Though he in reality bringing the vicious and sinister past to the now.

That the Time Magazine speaks it’s peace is all natural. Abiy haven’t delivered what he wanted or how he wants to be perceived. He wants to be seen as great and only in positive connotation. However, the reality is far from that.

The warfare in Tigray has exposed his means to an end of consolidating all power. Abiy wants to be the supreme leader and the ones who doesn’t follow him. They are possible targets, enemies or people who needs to be silenced. That’s why he has targeted and aimed at Tigray. The same has also happened in Ogaden and Oromia as well. There is no similar acts in Amhara too. So, nowhere there is peace or possibility for unity. As anyone can fall out of favour or suddenly have the tides turned against them.

That’s why so many people have been arrested, detained, tortured and killed by the authorities in the span of time his been in office. As well, as his latest election “victory” was hallow. That was a predetermined affair and why he “won” the majority. So, when he doesn’t want dissent or anything like that. It’s because he has no pushback in any office or in the chambers of power. They are all pre-selected people who he has vouched for and knows will work for his cause.

Abiy cannot mange critics or activists speaking ill of him. Neither can he manage journalists speaking the truth about his reign. He wants to be a king with a palace and a prosperous reign. While he has wrecked the economy and issued a war he cannot stop. The warfare will be prolonged and cause more havoc in the Republic. The deaths of the North will be the destruction of him. Either by the bullets or the man-made-famine. That’s who he is now and the imprint of his time in office.

Prime Minister Abiy might see himself as a hero, but to everyone seeing how his authorities and state is acting. However, he is a villain and has to address the bloodshed his caused. The deaths and unceremonial hurt he has caused. For generations the term “Medemer Terror” should be as significant as the “Red Terror” because that’s what he has brought to the world. Abiy might see himself as a saviour, but that is only to his soul, but not to the whole Republic. Far from it… Peace.

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