Dr. Kizza Besigye arrested after rallying the people of Arua Park in Kampala

Retired Colonel Dr. Kizza Besigye, who was arrested earlier in the city center together with three others have been detained at Nagalama Police station on charges of inciting violence” (Hits FM Fort Portal, 24.05.2022).

Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire said they would not prefer any charges against Besigye who recently announced a new phase of protest he dubbed ‘Ugandans wake up and we free ourselves’” (New Vision, 24.05.2022).

Streets in Kampala’s central business area remain on high-security alert after opposition leader Dr. Kizza Besigye beat surveillance to stage a protest against the rising commodity prices. Dr. Besigye was arrested and held at CPS earlier in the day. His reconfigured car was also towed to CPS” (NBS Television, 24.05.2022).

Today, the activist and political leader Dr. Kizza Besigye was able to dip-through traffic from his home and get down to down-town of Kampala Central Business District. As he continues his “Wake Up Call” campaign against the rising commodity prices in the Republic. A cause and a campaign he has worked to kickstart for a while.

To no prevail he was left behind and the authorities arrested him together with fellow activists in the vehicle. The Vehicle is now parked and seized by the authorities. It is now stationed at the Central Police Station of Kampala. While Besigye and his associates was transported out to Mukono and to the Nagalama Police Station.

We have to see if the people, the citizens and the ones listening to Besigye will take to the streets and demonstrate. If they will follow him in this campaign and protest for the cause. However, that is yet to be seen. Since the state is ruthlessly targeting the man and arresting him. His getting pending cases and charges over this. As the authorities is monitoring him, but at the pockets of time… his still able to get out and be on the front-line after two weeks of battling to get there.

Besigye has been blocked and silenced for trying to convene these messages for so long. It just shows his resilience, as the authorities uses the Public Order Management Act (POMA) and other means within the Penal Code to charge the man. As he never gives up and hopes one day that the revolution will transpire. However, it is hard to see that. As his met with injustice and impunity on a regular basis.

Therefore, time will show how long they will keep in custody and what sort of charges his getting. His used to be in arrest and being detained. That’s something that his well versed in and isn’t anything new. However, it just shows how the state operates and how his a target, because his been the vocal opposition for so long. Peace.

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