Ethiopia: Amhara have gone from a trusted ally into a mortal enemy…

Amhara Regional State Peace and Security Bureau chief, Desalegn Tassew, said 4,552suspects have been arrested in connection with the ongoing “rule of law operation” in the region since a week ago. Of these, more than 1,780 are suspects who failed to discharge their public duties, including members of the regional security forces. The Bureau Chief also said “the suspects arrested also include those suspected of using social media, both inside and outside the region, “to further destabilize the region,” Desalegn said. He told state media that efforts were underway “to ensure the peace and security of the people of the state.” and as part of the government’s efforts “in preventing illegal activities, ensuring the rule of law and ensuring public safety.” He also said that the detained individuals were suspected of implementing a mission from inside and outside the country during the military attack by Tigrayan forces in the regional state” (Addis Standard – ‘News: Amhara state security detain more than 4,000 in ongoing crackdown’ 23.05.2022).

The people of Amhara and the region as a whole gets a taste of the unifying approach, which have been prevalent in every other corner of the Republic during Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali. The “Medemer Terror” is now reaching the homes, the villages and cities of Amhara region. Just as it has been served in Oromia, Ogaden, Afar and Tigray region. No one is untouchable and now the Amhara nationalists who was behind it. Are now seeing the efforts turned on them.

The Amhara which has been vital in the warfare in the Western Tigray and in the invasion of Tigray region in November 2020. They are now meeting the same authorities and getting apprehended, as it has occurred to other nationalities and political groups in the Republic. They are feeling what the Ogaden, Oromia and Tigray have felt for years now. The same blunt force and retribution towards the ones called “enemies of the state”.

The Prosperity Party of Amhara is now using the same disguise of “law and order” to replicate and issue orders of mass-arrests. Detaining youths and militia members of “Fano”. Also members of the media and activists who has fought with the state previously, but have turned critical. As they have stopped fighting directly for the causes of the Amhara nationalists. That’s why even the National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) has been targeted and members have been detained of late.

The region of Amhara is just feeling the blunt and relentless policies which has been inflicted elsewhere. As the Amhara has been behind it all along and supported it as “uniting” Ethiopia. Alas, now they are getting the backstabbing and the retaliation towards the ones that isn’t complying or willing to follow the one-party-line. That’s why they are getting targeted like the Oromo Querro has been and other groups, which the state has deemed unfit at one point or another. Now, the same treatment is going to Gondar or Bahir Dar. Certainly, the allies and close connected to the state will feel betrayed.

However, they accepted this when it happened in the other regions. When the other regions was burning and in dire need. The Amhara was spiteful and saying they should just die or follow suit. Now they should listen to their own previous pleas and make consider their stances. Since, they are seeing what the Federal Government is willing to do and what sort of state they have vouching for. The chickens has come home to roost.

This is injustice, but they know perfectly well what the “Fano” has done for months upon end in Tigray or elsewhere where they have been deployed. Therefore, the retaliation from the state is self-serving. It is going after a former ally, which was useful in the invasion and a power-house for it to use.

Now, the tides are turning and we can wonder what transpired to make this all happen. Because, it seems all good just a week ago… Peace.

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