Opinion: The Ethiopian Herald Editorial continues with it’s vilification of Tigray

The Ethiopian Herald published today on the 22nd May 2022 an Editorial called “For half a century harping on the same string war”. It is about the humanitarian blockade and the reasons to keep it like that. This is a piece on how the regime of Addis Ababa defends it war in Tigray and the blockade, which it has had since November 2020.

This has been the best month of humanitarian assistance and the convoys have become more rapidly. The recent amount have been around 300 trucks in the recent, which is still a backdrop of the needs of the Tigray region. As the estimation earlier has been around a 100 trucks a day with humanitarian assistance to cover the needs and stop a famine. However, the state has ensured the utilities, electricity, telephone-lines, internet-blockage and everything else has been blocked. Just like the Federal Government had stopped sending over financial support to the Regional Government a year ahead of the conflict. So, it’s not like the Tigray had a head start, but the regime had already planned all of this.

The piece today starts as humble as this: “Nonstop beating the drum of war, prophesying a fake freedom garnished with all-rounded democracy, promising an Eldorado that evolves out of drought-ravaged, recurrent-drought-hit and conflict-torn Tigray, Terrorist TPLF was cannon foddering specially Tigrayan youths, the cream of the cake, in an unjust war” (Ethiopian Herald, 22.05.2022).

The unjust war is true, as the Tripartite Alliance had prepared for it in November 2020. They were awaiting orders and had prepared across the borders of Tigray. The allies could attack from Eritrea, Afar and Amhara region. The Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar and Asmara was all ready to attack the region. The mechanical divisions was there. Troops had been deployed across the border points and nothing was left to chance. Therefore, the writer in his assessment is blaming the victim of the recent war. Saying they are beating the drums of war. When the government and regime he defends are doing similar actions in Oromia and has done it Ogaden too. Therefore, it is grim when you vilify an enemy to this extent.

An unjust war… his right… and it’s not over either. As the stalemate are here and the FDRE seems to be preparing for another “offensive” as it has continued that in Oromia of late. When that ceases and the ENDF has new re-enforcement. We should anticipate another attack on the Tigray region.

The editorial continues: “TPLF tries to hypnotize Tigraian mothers sweet talking them about valorous sons they bless off to earthly hell. It has been doing this from its inception. Those in the top brass of the filth-besmirched party has pressed ahead with this heinous deed of optimizing self-interest using the feeble and the elderly as twigs in the hearths the latter warm their bodies with. What do they care?, for it is not they themselves that bear the brunt of the invited war. Like a rabid dog barking at and biting every neighbor as well as saber rattling TPLF leaders make the Tigraian people shunned neighbors in all directions. Sowing the seed of discord is craftiness they are adept at” (Ethiopian Herald, 22.05.2022).

These sorts of things we have heard and read before. In the way and manner of which the party of Tigray is swaying the mothers to send their sons to battle to die. You can see the hatred and vilification is extreme. When they are continuing to say it like this and spell out it. The rhetoric is disgusting and just shows how they are speaking of all Tigrayan. That’s why they are targeting the mothers… and says the TPLF is sending their sons to hell. As if they are hell-bound, but the endless conflict right now is all in the hands of the Federal Government and their allies. Because, that is still having control and have annexed Western Tigray. Therefore, the blame isn’t solely on Tigray, but on Asmara, Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa too.

The Editorial continues: “It channels the food-aid it garners towards its war machinery so as to lock Tigrayan people in never ending war. It quaffs in the bud democratic forces that labor to introduce a meaningful democracy there and guns down those swimming in the tide of the reform believed to turn the country around including Tigray. Above all it adores serving a Trojan Horse to quarters with a hidden motive of using Ethiopia a pushover. This shows it doesn’t have an iota of care to the people it claims it supports. Against this backdrop, terrorist TPLF heads are still dreaming waging war against neighboring Amhara and Afar States. They as well plan to lock horns with Eretria unmindful of the fact that it is madness with a human wave composed of toddlers, feeble and elderly and not well-trained youths to fight a mechanized army. This could be nothing than a military suicide. If this war flares up it will be catastrophic to people of Tigray that has been victims of terrorist TPLF’s follies” (Ethiopian Herald, 22.05.2022).

What is striking here… is that’s the editor and government friendly paper claims it’s the Tigrayan people fault that they need food-aid. That’s despicable, because this problem is caused by the humanitarian blockade. The lack of seedlings and peace-time to actually cultivate the fields of the region for whatever sort of produce or cereal it can. That’s why it’s really despicable of the regime to write this and say that the food-aid is giving life to war. When the aid is barely enough to stop the starvation of millions and end a man-made famine.

We know the Tigray Defence Force (TDF) attacked Afar region and also Amhara region, as they are bordering the region. Alas, the blockade gave them no choice and at one point. The TDF was getting close to Debre Berhan. So, yes that have attacked both areas, but the Federal Government together with their allies went in to destroy, rape, massacre and total takeover a region. Therefore, they opened up a can of worms and no one would know how this would end. Which is very clear that it isn’t and the ENDF is only buying time before it returns again it seems. While professing that if the TDF was to return… they would all be dead. Just like the earlier prophecies that North Wollo would be a death-trap as well. So, the ones that has been listening have heard the same before from the government friendly entities. Therefore, if the TDF was to retaliate after a new offensive. They might be able to take territories again. Just like they did last year.

The editorial ends with: “As the international community has been clamoring there has to be immediate help to famished people of Tigray,it as much has to cry foul that terrorist TPLF is plotting the carnage of the same blowing the bugles of war. Terrorist TPLF should be told in clear terms that it is all out to see to the annihilation of Tigrian people forced to jump into a fire like a wasp. Condoning this crime is nothing less than committing it. Philanthropist and honest journalists have to challenge the sadist TPLF leaders where have the trucks we dispatched to Mekle with food aid gone? Have you made yourself Lords of poverty out of the much-needed aid? Are you going to make us ill-famed by negative association with you? Academicians, who hail from the Tigrian ethnic group, are shedding light on the fact that TPLF is romanticizing the war. Also international, independent political researchers, in the true sense of the word, that put things separating the seed from the chaff are dragging to light the true picture of terrorist TPLF. A drastic change from war mongering, an entrenched culture of TPLF, is called for. Harping on war is outmoded and unprofitable business hence it has to be forestalled by all means” (Ethiopian Herald, 22.05.2022).

It is really weird that the ones who has been blocking humanitarian assistance, stopped government programs and ensured the impossibility to grow crops are blaming the TPLF. While also saying the International Community shouldn’t be concerned about the plights of the people of Tigray. Just like the IC is concerned with the drought in the Ogaden and the war-torn parts of Amhara and Afar region. Therefore, the ones who is writing this has no concern or care for the starving civilians. As they are implying that if they suddenly eat. They will have energy to wage war again. Like what sort of methodology is that and what sort of ideals doest the state have?

Calling Tigray the Lords of Poverty when the same government is misusing all finances and revenues on war and internal conflicts. A government that has mismanaged priorities and it’s helping it’s citizens. Either it’s buying lethal weapons or building up the ego of the Prime Minister. The state who is begging for funds to fund its development and programs. While it is spending more forex than it’s earning on warfare. That’s why the lords of poverty is residing and ruling in Addis Ababa. They are the ones that is creating the crisis and only making things worse.

The state never cared about the trucks in the past. Only now and they didn’t make it possible to return as there was no petrol and vehicles has a hard time to move without petrol. That should make sense to anyone. When the state is blocking it for months and not allowing petrol to get in. This makes it impossible to move or return. Did the Addis Ababa government and propaganda peddlers consider that vehicles needs petrol to move? Or is there is a magical component that the Prosperity Party has, which the rest of the world doesn’t have to make it possible?

The IC isn’t calling for war and the ones who wants peace. Didn’t want the Tripartite Alliance to attack the Tigray region in the first place in November 2020. However it did and the TDF has just retaliated. We knew the piece would never be fair or be correct with the details.

Still, it just remains to await the next step and what move the FDRE will do in the conflict. Alas, sooner or later we should anticipate further escalation at some point. That could easily come from the Tripartite Alliance. We don’t know that will be, but when their other “offensives” are over. They might return to Tigray to finalize their annihilation of the region. Peace.

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