Omoro By-Election: Bobi Wine and the Campaign Team released after hours of arrest under military supervision…

The latest report from Omoro By-Election is that Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and his Campaign Team has been released. They are now returning back to Kampala. As the Special Forces Command (SFC) has released them after keeping them under arrest.

This is directly stopping the National Unity Platform (NUP) from campaigning and using their national figures to gain voters in Omoro County By-Election. It is just a proof of how the state intimidate, incite fear and uses their means to “win” an election.

The arrests today and the military supervised arrests of civilians, activists and political leader Bobi Wine. Only shows what the state is wiling to do. Just so their candidate can “win” and nothing else.

It is only 5 days to the 26th May and it shows the dire distress the NUP causes to the National Resistance Movement (NRM). That is so clear as the NRM has all their people campaigning in the election, but the NUP is blocked from doing the same. Just another proof of the “free and fair” elections in the era of the NRM. Peace.

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