Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Executive Office – Important Statement (21.05.2022)

(Let us unite to defeat the coup and stop the violence against the peaceful revolutionaries and the mass movement)

Our people are still a boiling cauldron against the coup and present the martyr after the martyr, and today in valor resembling the women and men of Omdurman. The masses came out demanding their right to freedom, peace, justice, dignity and citizenship, and presented the martyr Muhammad Khalis, who fell by the bullets of the revolutionary junta, which did not learn anything from the lessons of our people’s resistance to tyranny and did not forget anything, and the practice of repression against the peaceful revolutionaries in different areas of the capital.

On the other hand, dozens of detainees from the Resistance Committees are still languishing in the prisons of the coup authority, and a number of them suffer from a deterioration in their health and ill-treatment of a number of freedom and revolution detainees in Port Sudan prison.

We appeal to the Sudanese men and women at home and abroad to escalate campaigns of solidarity with the detainees, and we make a special appeal to the revolutionaries of the city of Port Sudan to make their voices heard loudly for the revolutionaries in the detention centers and the whole world, in refusal to infringe on freedom and demand their immediate release without delay.

To the revolutionaries and revolutionaries:

Let us raise the banner of the unity of the revolutionary forces without delay or hesitation, to build the broadest civil front to defeat the coup, and we call on everyone in the cities and countryside of our country to show solidarity with the Omdurman revolutionaries in the millions we entrusted before in all parts of the country.

To the international community:

The escalating violence during the last period and today in Omdurman confirmed that the coup junta lacked the political will and did not desire a democratic climate or a political solution, which confirms the correctness of our previously announced position that it is not possible to initiate any productive political process in light of the state of emergency, excessive violence and continuous killing in the face of the mass movement, the continuation of political arrests and the regressive decisions taken by the coup authority in favor of the former regime.

Finally, we must come out with all our banners of solidarity and solidarity among all the sons and daughters of our people from El Geneina to Omdurman.

Forces of Freedom and Change – Executive Office

Khartoum May 21, 2022

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