Omoro County By-Election: The Son of Jacob will only win by force and not by “winning hearts”

It is only 5 days to the polls in the Omoro County By-Election, which is scheduled for the 26th May 2022. The campaigns will last to the 24th May 2022. However, things are already spiralling out and the price of the politics is clear.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) are acting like everything is going after normal programming, as they are campaigning to retain the seat in Parliament and get the son of the late speaker, Andrew Ojok Oulanyah elected. However, that couldn’t be harder from the truth.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) had to change their candidate in the last minute before registration, because the NRM had bribed their candidate and instead nominated Justine Odong. Therefore, from the on-set the NRM is using all means to win.

Just like today it’s reports of beating up and direct arrests of National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters in the county. There is also reports of checkpoints and authorities putting up road-blocks in the area too. So, like before… the state is making an election into a war-zone to ensure total victory.

There is reports that the Special Forces Command (SFC), which is a part of the Uganda People’s Liberation Force (UPDF) that is behind the brutal arrests and detaining the opposition members in the county. So, if he NRM believed this was a certain win and a walk-over. They wouldn’t need to do this…

As NRM Secretary General Richard Todwong was earlier in the day proclaiming that they had turned about a 100 NUP Members in Omoro County into NRM. Nevertheless, that is just the ordinary propaganda and most like a photo-op to sincere. As this is a way of people getting free t-shirts and possibly a cash-donation to “vote” for the NRM. So, yet another grand scheme.. because the real supporters of the opposition is meeting a blunt force. Not smiles and greetings from the comrades of the likes of Todwong.

If Andrew Ajok Oulanyah thinks his campaign is solid and great. He should have asked the authorities to not use these means. Because, this is just showing that the barrel of the gun and the use of violence is what the NRM needs to get votes. The NRM needs the blunt force to beat people into submission. Not because of a manifesto or a political programme.

That is the message the NRM is sending here. As they are targeting the opposition. While sparing no concern or mind for their own campaigns. It is all smiles and joy for Oulanyah, but I can tell you. There are plenty others who suffers. This campaign isn’t friendly, free or fair.

There is one campaign for the NRM and another for the rest. That isn’t just and the world needs to know.

The Son of Jacob isn’t winning because of his charisma, character or political promises. No, if his winning… its because of how the government and the authorities targets everyone else who dares to challenge him. Peace.

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