Ethiopia: The Amhara Regional Government warns of a new Tigrayan invasion…

The only way towards a peaceful and prosperous Ethiopia is to uphold the rule of law! The federal government of Ethiopia, with the regional governments, is undertaking integrated measures to ensure peace and security throughout the country” (FDRE Government Communication Service, 20.05.2022).

In Bahir Dar or in the Amhara Regional Government they have followed the message of Federal Government. They have a day later from the FDRE tweet in a Press Release showed their allegiance to this goal and by their own means. They are also taking it further and persistent in their vilification of Tigray People’s Defence Force (TPLF).

The leadership of Bahir Dar is by these messages claiming dissidents and people who is vocal in the streets are associated with the enemies. This is just showing what sort of “democracy” that is at play. The “rule of law” is used to stifle, stop and silence any critics whatsoever.

The Amhara Regional Government is very clear and their aims is as follows…

After the Amhara Regional Security Council has deeply reviewed the peace and security situation of the region, it is important to prepare to defend the threat of invasion of the terrorist TPLF and to correct the illegal activities that undermine the unity of the region” (Amhara Communication, 21.05.2022).

While this law is being made to ensure peace and security of our people, our region and our country, some social media owners and individuals who are working to destroy our region and country by collaborating with our main enemies are conducting campaigns in some areas of our region to call for demonstrations and to hinder the peace. But in any area of our region there is no one who has asked a legal question or got a license. The peace and security bureau of the region is working together with our peace loving people to complete the law enforcement work in a short time and with minimal damage, such illegal demonstrations and street performances are unacceptable. It is announced that law enforcement will be taking necessary measures on any actions that are done to obstruct the work of the law because of the demonstration” (Amhara Communication, 21.05.2022).

The Amhara Regional Government is clear in their mission. In another released statement on Amhara Communications Page today. They stated that the Amhara Regional Special Force and Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” is participating in the joint operation to “ensure rule of law”. Therefore, everyone should know that these entities are prepared and ready to use violence in the hand of the state.

The Amhara Regional Government by this is calling arms and using the same means of which the Federal Government did when they invaded the Tigray region in November 2020. They are using the “rule of law” because everyone should remember it was called “Law Enforcement Operation” before the latest edition was dubbed the “Survival Campaign” in 2021. So, the same language is appearing now.

This is showing what is at stake and what sort of plan that is there. We know the Amhara Regional government and their militias has been vital in the Tigray war. They have been parts of the coalition invading Tigray and been sponsors of it too. The Amhara regional government had planned the invasion and put the mechanical divisions around the borders. They had encircled the region and done the preparation, as the tripartite alliance was scheming to start the war in November 2020.

Therefore, reading these sorts of text shows what is happening. And it doesn’t help that a FDRE Government Communication Service Press Release yesterday says this:

In all regions, our people are fighting against the forces that want to implement the agenda of chaos and chaos. By giving different names, the government has confirmed that there are forces that are trying to distort the government’s actions. The terrorist TPLF and its friends are expressing their support to the illegal groups that are trying to create chaos and chaos especially those that try to hinder the law enforcement work in Amhara region. This shows us that these groups, especially the robbers that trade in the name of Fano, are historical enemies of Ethiopia and their ambassadors who have committed great betrayal on our people. The government asks all our people to understand this evil conspiracy and support the government’s actions. It calls on the government to continue to support the rule of law by not giving attention to false information and misleading messages” (FDRE Government Communication Services – ‘The only solution to ensure the peace and security of the citizens and the continuity of the country is to ensure the rule of law!’ 20.05.2022).

So, the same sort of rhetoric is at play from the Federal Government, which is used in Amhara. That’s why this is a strategic and a way of putting it into the minds that there are people planning to create acts of terror and with that its justified to address that with fierce and rogue laws. This is the initial gist from the Federal Government and the Amhara Regional Government as well.

The Amhara Regional Government takes it even further. As they don’t only calls for a possible infiltration like the Federal Government does, but also calls for a possible new invasion. That is really calling for arms. Another “rule of law” operation is called for and it’s joint forces which are doing it too.

We are in 2022 and the Regional Government and Federal Government is using the means to an end. They are speaking the same language, but also very clear in the tone. There is no middle-ground or places of solitude. No, only a stern warning of an invasion and a possible retaliation from their government allies. Peace.

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