Ethiopia: Reports of renewed skirmishes from the Issa Somali militia in the Afar region

This Morning, In Rarayta doolul, Gabi Rasu (Zone 3) somali Issa terrorist militas had opened attacks on Afar pastoralists. Fightings had spread in other areas in Gabi Rasu. Ambuli and Dat hamad, Somali Issa terrorists has been blocking the roads by stopping the vehicles and preventing Afar civilians from going past these areas. This isn’t the first time, they have been blocking the roads and preventing vehicles from going past” (Qafar Xaagu, 18.05.2022).

Ibrahim Osman, Vice President ordered his clan militia in the Sitti zone to invade the Afar region less than a week after the Afar and Somali regions signed a peace deal. His purpose is to destabilize the country’s east and make President Mustafa Omar’s peace strategy seem bad” (Ridwaan claahi, 18.05.2022).

There is clear indication of new attacks from the Somali Region attacking the Afar Region. This has happened before. We have seen before the Issa Somali attacking Afar before and it happens yet again. It is really tragic and civilians are caught in the cross-fire.

Whoever ordering this insecurity and skirmishes is creating more bloodshed. This internal and civil war as the Afar region and Afar people defending their own territory. While Issa Somali comes with force and also blocking movement in the area too.

This is a worrying sign. The Afar region has been targeted from multiple sides and from every border. This region has actually been attacked from both Tigray region and from Djibouti with another Issa Somali miltia.

Therefore, this is just a continuation and we should wonder what sort of value this has for the rulers and war-lords of these militias. Since they are only causing harm and not able to annex or control the territory for long. It is only bleeding the region and damaging it for a short-term. This will not be a long-term attack or such. Sooner or later it will be depleted or be ordered to retreat. Peace.

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