Opinion: Besigye’s 6 Day’s of House-Arrest is the proof of everything that is wrong in the Republic

Since 12th May 2022 Dr. Kizza Besigye was arrested and detained in his own home. The surrounding areas of the compound in Kasangati was a “war-zone” with several of checkpoints and places of which the authorities was blocking any entry to him. This all happened after he tried to stage a demonstration or protest against the rising commodity prices in the Republic, which was supposed to go from Kasangati to Central Business District of Kampala. Alas, we know that didn’t happened.

What did happened was that the Anti-Riot Police came and squashed, quelled and silenced the small protest very quickly. It arrested Besigye brutally and dragged him away. They arrested him and swiftly transported him home. Where he has stayed ever since and wasn’t allowed to go out. Neither was people allowed to enter. First it was only his lawyers and yesterday they allowed several of MPs from his party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) to see him.

Besigye is a citizen and has his rights, which is based in the 1995 Constitution. However, those are violated and taken away at any given moment. The Public Order Management Act is a proof that demonstrations and protests are only allowed by some, but not by others. POMA is a law made to silence Besigye and his supporters. This because they could create a revolution and end the regime. That’s why POMA is a tool of oppression, since it takes away the citizens rights to demonstrate and protest. It is not only Besigye, but everyone else. That’s why the same law has been used to block Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine from having concerts and rallies. Therefore, it is just a proof of everything that is wrong in society.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Museveni speaks of bringing democracy and multi-party-ism, but it has also brought a ruthless system. The NRM has brought militarism and an open brutality where all who dissent can be touched, detained, kidnapped and possibly die on their watch.

The NRM will say they came and created order. The NRM will say they came with peace. But a peace for who? An order for who? Not for the public or the citizens, but for the NRM Elite and the rest has to beg for mercy. The FDC and Besigye has met the blunt force countless times. The same has happened to the National Unity Platform (NUP) and Bobi Wine as well.

The state is using pre-emptive arrests without court-orders, warrants or any proper justifications. They are claiming to have intelligence or safeguard of public order, but there is no direct proof of that. Only that the designated person is taken out of public domain and is silenced. That is all there is too it.

This is what has happened to Besigye again and again. He has been silenced and stifled in his tracks. The authorities has been monitoring him and followed him. They have stopped him from acting or coordinating his work. Because, they fear the consequences of it and don’t want to allow it to go it’s natural cause. Instead, it stops early and isn’t finished causes.

The latest is stopping an early reaction to the rising commodity prices… this is in away of taking away people’s rights to demonstrate or even gather. That’s the cost of this regime. They are talking of democracy, but one fundamental part of that is to meet and protest when something is unjust. However, in the state of mind of the NRM… that is out of the question and you shouldn’t even bother.

Besigye is just a symbol of everything that is wrong in society. Not because of what he has done or who he is as a person. No, his is that because his showing the Republic how it serves injustice, delivers impunity and brutal crackdown on civil society. Besigye is by being who he is able not only to undermine the powerful, but also undress them in public. His able to show the sinister and the dark side of the regime. That’s what he has been able to do and done successfully for years.

It has cost him dearly. Besigye has paid a price for doing. He has lost so many people around him and so many has been hurt. Besigye has been hurt himself and gone into exile as a cause of it. That’s why he knows what they can do to him and what the authorities are doing to others. No parts are not a target and not a possible piece, which the state cannot cause harm upon. Because, that is what they are doing and they proud of serving their master while doing so. Peace.

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