Ethiopia: Shabait defends the humanitarian assistance blockade of the Tigray region…

Today, the leaders of Asmara or Eritrea Ministry of Information (Shabait) published an article called “New TPLF Military Maneuver – Why? And for what purpose?” where Eritrea defends their mission and continues the vilification of the Tigray region in the name of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). We know that the TPLF is a villain and a mortal enemy of the rulers of Asmara. They have fought over the Badme triangle and a bloody liberation war. Therefore, it is justified for Eritrea to claim some ills in the way the TPLF leadership did in the past. However, with time and withering of influence, the TPLF isn’t all that in 2022 and now Asmara is the villain instead.

They have been part of the Tripartite Alliance that invaded into the Tigray region to defeat and destroy TPLF, once and for all. The “Operation Law Enforcement” which was planned ahead of time. As the Federal Government had blocked budgets and government programs for Tigray region for some time ahead of invasion. Eritrea and Ethiopia was already in coordination about the warfare and the same was also the Amhara backers. They were all in it. So, it is interesting to reads these paragraphs from the Shabait in 2022.

The war has gone on and the humanitarian blockade in the Tigray region has caused a famine, starvation and existential crisis. The humanitarian blockade has silently taken lives and ensured the next season of crops not to grow on time. The Tigray region will be hurt for a long time and the lack of basic commodities will be detrimental for months. As there been 9 million who needed food aid and other basic services, which haven’t been accessible. Eritrea is now supporting this and instead of thinking of the civilians of Tigray. The Eritrean government would have preferred that they just dies.

Read it here:

In the Horn of Africa, the plan is to suppress the ray of peace and cooperation that emerged in 2018 and return the entire region to the chaos, instability and divisions they cause. The Western powers that are the TPLF’s mercenaries may not fully agree with these TPLF cliff-faced extremist and destructive goals. But since their undoubted desire is that their faithful servant, the tyrant, will continue to survive, it is clear that the TPLF’s plot has their blessing and support. They are rushing to deliver grain, medicine, fuel and other supplies in the name of relief before the war starts. We Eritreans – the people and the government – have never longed for war in our history. However, we have the right, national and human duty guaranteed by international law to defend our existence, freedom, sovereignty and dignity” (Shabait, 17.05.2022).

The Eritrean government is directly blaming the West and the donor nations for the World Food Programme and other United Nations Organizations to feed the starving, the ones who lack nutrition and who has not had food security for months. The movements of trucks and added convoys of humanitarian trucks is helping. Though it has been in small scales, but everything is better than nothing. While there is millions of people who are in need and in danger of dying. That should concern someone with a heart, but apparently that’s too much to ask from Asmara.

Asmara rather see Mekelle fall and every zone of Tigray left in rubble. Eritrea rather see every single Tigrayan suffer a pitiful death and silently die without food in their belly for months. That is what the Eritrean government wants for the Tigray region. This is really ruthless and heartless, it shows what Asmara is willing to do. They don’t care the innocent, the civilians or the non-combatants of Tigray. Everyone there is an enemy and deserve to suffer the consequences of it’s leadership. That is the message and the ones delivering aid is strengthening the TPLF and it’s war-effort. It is not saving lives and giving basic commodities to a people in need.

Only Eritrea has a right to freedom, sovereignty and dignity, Tigray on the other hand has no such rights. As they are not supposed to get food, shelter or nurture their wounds after months on end with conflict and humanitarian blockade, which has resulted in a destruction of the agricultural sector and destroyed all food security of the region.

Eritrea just shows what it is willing to do. As a way of defending their involvement in the war in Tigray. The ones believing that Eritrea has any sort of goodwill or concern for Tigray. Well, you are lying to yourself. A text like this just proves that and it’s grim. Because, the Eritrean have invaded, taken control of territory and done vicious war-crimes in Tigray. The massacres of Western Tigray and elsewhere is a proof of that.

Now, we know that the Eritrean government also defends a humanitarian blockade of the Tigray region. If that doesn’t send you chills down your spine. I don’t know what does, as a partner in the crimes of this war. They are vital for Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar who has done whatever it could to destroy and annihilate the Tigray region. Peace.

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