Sudan: Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination – The Meeting with The Tripartite Mechanism – Joint Press Release (16.05.2022)

The invitation of the UN Mission to Support the Transition in Sudan, the African Union, and the IGAD was accepted on 12th of May, 2022, concerning the development of the political situation and surveying of resistance committees’ perspectives on the development of the political process following the October 25 coup, as well as responding resistance committees’ queries regarding the announced political discussions.

Representatives of the Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination met with the tripartite mechanism and conveyed to them our clear position on the political process, which is based on the charter for establishment of People’s Power that was inaugurated and signed. The charter was presented in detail to the delegates of the tripartite mechanism.

We issued this statement to entrust our bases and the Sudanese people with the outcome of what transpired within the meeting, and we reiterate that we, as the coordination of the resistance committees, are devoted to the revolutionary slogans and their high aims and that our initial position on the upcoming political process is that there is no negotiation, partnership, or legitimacy with the coup authority, and that this meeting took place with the approval of our bases, and that it represents the independent position of the resistance committees’ coordination, and is unaffected by political speculations and attempts to create parallel contexts that affect the committees’ dealings with the national landscape.

Signed by:

El Hajj Yousif Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Association

Sharg Al Nil Janub Coordination

Bahri Neighborhoods Committees

Old Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination

Janub Al Hizam Resistance Committees Coordination

South Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination

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