Sudan: Sudanese Communist Party and the Resistance Committee’s Agrees on not participating in the Dialogue with the Tripartite Mechanism

In Khartoum, the Tripartite Mechanism (UNITAMS, IGAD and African Union) have together formed a unit, which hold dialogue between the Transitional Sovereign Council and civil society. That has been done within the recent days, but some honourable mentions and lack of thereof, is inevitable. As the tensions and the crackdown on protests continues from the authorities.

In Sudan there is very evident of distrust and it’s with merit. As the current Sovereign Council has done twice a self-serving coup d’etat and tried to hoodwink the international community into believing that it stood for the Sudanese Revolution. Which it clearly doesn’t do and isn’t intended to serve that either.

That’s why the Resistance Committee statement and Sudanese Communist Party statement as well serves as a message of this. The Tripartite Mechanism is forgetting one main factor and this is the remaining Army Commanders of the former Regime is still ruling. The same military factions and their stranglehold on power. That has inflicted more pain and suffering. The amount of blood, detained civilians and other brutal crackdowns haven’t stopped with toppling of dictator Al-Bashir. Instead it has amplified and showed that his henchmen are still the law of the land. Therefore, the civilians and the revolutionary people are within their rights to dismiss talks with the ones that is killing them.

The first article of the charter for establishment of the people’s power

First: Overthrow of the coup

1- Rejecting any calls for direct or indirect negotiations with the putschists and continuing the peaceful resistance through our tried and innovative means.

2- Overthrow of the October 25 coup and holding all the civil and military forces involved in it accountable.

3- Cancellation of the constitutional document & establishment of a constitutional status through a temporary constitutional declaration based on the charter for the establishment of people’s power,as well as a review of all agreements concluded & decrees issued since April 11, 2019” (Resistance Committee – Media Committee for the Charter’s Inauguration, 13.05.2022).

There is no new reason to meet with you after we explained to you in the previous meeting our position on your efforts to negotiate directly between political forces and military coup and political forces that were partners of the National Congress until the fall of its power in April 2019” (Sudanese Communist Party, 14.05.2022).

We still see a mistake in your handling of the Sudanese issue, treating it as a crisis between political forces and the military should be solved by negotiation, you don’t see or appreciate that there is a popular revolution going on since the 25th October 2021 coup to overthrow the coup and establish a civil state Dem Qaratia achieving its goals in freedom, justice and peace” (Sudanese Communist Party, 14.05.2022).

These statements are significant. They are stating a sincere stance and an honest one. This shows that the premise and the ideals of the Tripartite Mechanism is flawed from the on-set. As that put trust into the hands of the ones who has violated previous agreements. The current Sovereign Council is filled of people who has gone up in ranks and cemented their foothold without any sort of justification. Other than that they have had the ability to serve the previous head of state and found a solution to overtake his control when he fell. That is all there is and they are just in pursuit of casting a broader net to vindicate itself and get legitimized after two successful coups.

So, the Resistance Committee’s and the Sudanese Communist Party is within their rights to not accept or give way. They see nothing insightful from this and it’s only a way of forging legitimacy, which the Head of State and his Deputy wants to have. That is the gist of it and the Tripartite Mechanism is only giving them leeway to find paths and means to either buy-out or give plum-jobs to technocrats. While still holding all the keys to the future. As we know the Sovereign Council is not willing to budge or serve any real interests in the ideals of the revolution. Why do I say that?

Well, the army commanders of the Sovereign Council most likely would become leaders of the army, but not have a profile or have a political function. They would serve to deliver peace and control the sovereignty of the territory. However, they would not sit around the table and have a feast on the government budget. Because, they would follow command and orders from representatives of the people. Which is far from the will or the humiliation these sorts of character could handle after all these years with vast power. Peace.

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