Opinion: Kenya Kwanza Alliance – the Moi Era ticket apparently

Thank you your excellency. I will not let you down, I will not let the hustler nation down and I will not let Kenyans down” Rigathi Gachagua (NTV Kenya, 15.05.2022)

The Deputy President of Kenya and Presidential Candidate William Ruto of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), and the Kenya Kwanza Alliance (KKA) has finally landed on his running mate. This is a vital choice and shows where his going.

Ruto has deliberately hand-picked someone who is like himself. Another conning and smart politician. Who has used the public offices and the government appointed offices to become wealthy. That is something the DP Candidate Rigathi Gachagua has done. His only been an MP for one term on the Jubilee Party ticket since 2017. While he has now moved to Ruto.

Here is a short CV on Gachagua MP:

2 years after his graduation, Rigathi Gachagua served under President Moi’s office from 1990 to 1999 holding the positions of personal assistant to the head of public service and District Officer in Kakamega and Molo” (…) “Following his good relations with President Moi, Rigathi Gachagua was made personal assistant to Uhuru Kenyatta from 2001 to 2006 when Uhuru was the Minister of local governments” (…) “While working in the government, Rigathi Gachagua amassed a substantial amount of wealth to the point of founding the Ridor group of companies in 2000” (Austine Barasa – ‘5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua’ 2021).

We are now seeing two buddies and political aligned individuals who worked closely with President Daniel Arap Moi. While Gachagua was the DO of Kakamega and Molo. Ruto was busy co-founding and a member of Youth for Kanu 1992 (YK92) who campaigned for Moi in the 1992 campaign. While Ruto was later voted in to Parliament n 1997 and was appointed as an assistant minister in the Office of the President from 1998 to 2002. So, there is certainly times these fellows have overlapped.

That’s why the tycoon with over 40 businesses and who got picked up by Moi in the 1990s. Has enriched himself while being a civil servant and personal assistance to the big-men of KANU. As he sets his sights of being the kingpin of Mount Kenya. Alas, we also know that Ruto has amassed vast wealth in the years in office and got lots of questionable plots. While earning fractions of this in the Office of Deputy President or previous roles as such. That’s why these two are greedy comrades on a mission. As they know the value of getting power and what that can do to their bank-accounts.

This ticket is just a really show of force. The same is having Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula there as well. They have all participated in the Moi era and part-take in it. Thats’ why it’s interesting that he picked Gachagua to be his running mate. This is like a revitalized KANU ticket and the leaders surrounding KKA is filled with that too. It is part of the club and the ones who has since then find ways to profit on government offices.

The choice is very clear and shows the intention of Ruto. He didn’t do this out of nowhere. While also side-lining other people who has ambitions. Certainly, some parties and leaders has signed-off to a coalition agreement, which still binds them. However, we know that the fellow party leaders has ambitions as well. They would not just step down without a golden future promised.

Gachagua has to prove himself now. Not only loyalty to Ruto, but that he can deliver and be a galvanizing figure. The tycoon and MP has to now show his worth. Ruto also has support him and show that they are a team. That is up for grabs and let’s see if this was a wise decision. Peace.

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