Ethiopia: Col. Demeke Zewdu calls on all Amhara to join the War in Welkait, Tigray

We call on you to stand with us in our struggle to defend from this invader group. Everyone who says they have accepted the invitation of Wolkayit Tegede Amhara Identity Reconstruction Committee will prepare a month’s ration and be ready for the quick call we will present at every house and kebele. There is no power on earth that can lower us from our Amhara identity” – Colonel Demeke Zewdu Ayele

The Chairman of the Wolkayit Tegede Amhara Identity Reconstruction Committee of the Welkait in Western Tigray is calling all Amhara people to join the war. He wants all Amhara to take up arms and prepare themselves for the conflict. The committee will ensure a months rations for the ones following up the call-up to arms.

He is writing that the Welkait woreda will soon be surrounded by the Tigray Defence Force, after the Amhara region has annexed it since the invasion of the Tigray region in November 2020. It is now speculated and rumours that TDF are starting to attack the Western Tigray. This means there are war-drums on the horizon, but not in Welkait-Tegende yet. It also shows the running tensions in the area.

Col. Zewdu claims the Tigray will send everyone from the age of 16 to 70 years old fight to fight in the conflict. That’s why everyone has to take to arms and be prepared. The Colonel wants everyone to fight for this land and reclaim it as Amhara territory. Because, the TDF will take away the freedoms and dignity of the Amhara. While it is Amhara that has annexed this land and is controlling of late.

The Chairman is inciting to more war and bloodshed. That is is the initial gist here. For months upon months there been reports of Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) and Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” controlling Western Tigray. Therefore, he wants more civilians to participate and die in this war. That is the initial gist here.

He says the TDF will re-enter and take control of the Welkait woreda in a new invasion. However, the Tripartite Alliance did just that and they have lingered in vast parts of the Tigray region ever since. So, it is very strange that he says this. But a striking moment of time to say this, as the rumours of an TDF offensive to recapture its lost territories went viral yesterday.

We can say by all definitions… things are up, but we don’t what. What we do know is that the allies of Amhara and the officials, their heroes and whatnot like Col. Zewdu has no trouble to call to arms and further destruction of Tigray in the name of Amhara. That is very obvious and people should beware about just that. Peace.

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