Halalan 2022: Entitlement and Arrogance can win you prizes

The way the forecasts has been, the polls and whatnot. Today seems like a watershed moment for many. Where they are seeing a nation deciding to favour the son of a dictator and also make the Liberal Party kneel. The parties of the EDSA and the ones who once fought the Marcos dictatorship has all endorsed and worked in tandem with son of the dictator.

Times are maybe changing, but this victory will not come without it’s obstacles. Since, there been so much irregularities, so many defaults and electioneering on the election day. That COMELEC and the victors has to be questioned.

At a time when 1800 VCM machines wasn’t working. When people had to leave without getting their votes processed and untended ballots. At a time when the polling staff had to manually do that. At that very time… the election results are hybrid and superfast announced for the nation. Isn’t that weird? When people needed more time to vote, as they were in long lines and machines was broken down. At that very time… the announcing of results comes up in no time.

That’s when I think there are someone tricking and fixing the results. Because, when people can leave ballot unattended and without verification of the cast ballot. The ones who wants to tamper with the results can and especially if they have incentives to do so. The same with issues of the SD Cards and other malfunctions, which has also been reported.

The staff and appointees of COMELEC shouldn’t sleep well tonight. There is to much grievances for a clean, free and fair elections. That being said… the peace has been there, but so many have been left out and so many couldn’t follow the whole procedure of the ballot.

So, when the results are trickling in and the margins are so vast between the President-Elect and the runner-up. You beg to question if that’s true. You begin to wonder if something is up. The results are just showing that arrogance and entitlement can get you in-front of everyone.

Because, Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Junior haven’t been active and neither has his VP candidate Inday Sara Duterte. No, they have been on the campaign trail, but not been parts of debates or taking part in national interviews. No, they have kept them at a distant and kept a low profile. Still, had their information network on social media and spread campaign videos. However, not been tested or anything of the above.

That’s why it’s shocking to BBM and the UNITEAM do so damn well. That someone who isn’t following the rules. Who doesn’t care about protocol or about the public in general. That this sort of fellow gets all the votes and the accolades. A man who is a brat and is proud of it. It is hard to imagine this, but COMELEC has to show the proof of it. This should be tested in the courts and should be checked, because there is so much irregularities that the opposition should make cases.

The reports of LENTE, NAMFREL and Kontra Daya should show what went down. These reports and statements shows what happened on the ground and how easy it is to question the results. As the VCMs and the malfunctions can alter it all. Alas, COMELEC has failed to secure these elections and that’s why the results are in jeopardy.

Marcos and Duterte might feel secure of a landslide, but if it made out of fake and forged material. Then they are celebrating ghosts and goats voting for them. Which is not worthy of the Filipino nation. The voters, the citizens deserves better and they deserve the truth. It is for a reason why these observation teams reports, because they are independent and tells accurate assessment of the affair.

Something the entitled and arrogant ones will not do. Peace.

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