Sudan: Hemeti’s dishonest message

We must all coexist with one another with goodness and virtue, keeping away from all forms of division and diaspora, and renounce tribalism, racism and regionalism in order to preserve this unified and cohesive nation that we inherited from our ancestors. The manifestations of disharmony, difference and dispersion that Sudan is suffering from require us to take a sincere pause to review ourselves and our positions, and we all think about our true national interests away from the party, tribe or party, to be our slogan (the flag of Sudan). We are very sorry for the harsh conditions that our people are experiencing in their livelihood due to the economic conditions that the country is witnessing, but we also have good news that (after hardship but relief) our hope in God is great, and after him our hope in our young capabilities and arms. The only way out of the political crisis that the country is going through is (dialogue). There is no alternative to dialogue but dialogue, and we are able to overcome all difficulties through purposeful discussion that is based on frankness, clarity, honesty and justice, and which is based on established national principles, distance from the agenda and self-love. We send a special message to our people who endured difficulties with all patience. We bow to you in appreciation and gratitude. You deserve the best. The journey of a mile begins with a step. We must continue the path. The homeland awaits us and the future is ours” (Vice President Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, 02.05.2022).

The Vice President and Brigadier General Mohamed Hamdan “Hemeti” Dagolo has come out with his message of peace on the celebration of Id al-Fitr. This as the Rapid Support Force (RSF) or Janjaweed is used with force in Darfur and in the rest of the Republic. It is not like Hemeti’s forces is coming with peace and justice. No, they are serving injustice and impunity. Just the recent action of in West Darfur State.

Hemeti can speak of dialogue, but the current Transitional Sovereign Council it took away it’s credibility with the October 2021 coup. The Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) and Sudanese Professional Association (SPA) isn’t a part of it now. They have instead gotten warlords into the Council, but not civilian technocrats or leaders of revolution. That’s why it’s rich of speaking of dialogue, when his one of the ring-leaders of the army takeover of the government.

The Vice President wants to sound like a reasonable man, but his forces and the usage of military force to displace, distort protest and quell the civilians is showing his message is useless or totally dishonest. As we are supposed to forget how the state is going after the Resistance Councils, the opposition parties and target civilian activists. We even know the authorities raiding and targeting hospitals after demonstrations. So, the Vice President talking of co-existence, but not giving breathing space to the dissidents in the Republic.

Hemeti is insincere and proves it. That is the sort of double-talk of negotiations and co-existence, but his regime is relentless with use of violence and brutality against the ones who dissident. That’s why it’s hard to believe his words, as the deaths and arrests since October 2021 alone is huge. While we know the amount of people hurt and with lasting pains are even bigger. Therefore, speaking of peace, when you are ordering war isn’t truthful, but dishonest.

He dropped this message on social media to boost his persona and role in the state. As he has used his Janjaweed or RSF to get into office. Hemeti is a man of war and a militia-leader himself. He now wants to be seen as a statesman, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hemeti is a man of war and his RSF is the epitome of that. He decrees war and conflict… the General thrives on this and he has even been known for selling arms to Tchad. So, we know that he doesn’t mind to earn profits as a lord of war. That is the sort of fella he is and that shouldn’t be forgotten. The latest conflict and usage of war in Darfur is nothing new. His just continuing with the fierce methods which gave him power.

That’s why we know… Hemeti isn’t a man of co-existence or dialogue. No, his a man of brutality and murder. This is why the Resistance doesn’t want to talk to him or anyone who is participating in the junta government in Khartoum. Peace.

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