Opinion: The Russian vilification of Ukraine and everyone else doesn’t work

The Russians are trying to pin everything on Kyiv. They are making President Volodymyr Zelensky the worst and name-calling him into oblivion. That Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov goes far and uses all means shouldn’t shock anyone.

The Russians warns everyone and says everyone else in the wrong. The Russians and Kremlin is always right. That is at least how they operate. The Kremlin and Duma is righteous no matter how many massacres, extra judicial-killings and rapes of innocent civilians in Ukraine. As long as the mission or “Special Operation” is fulfilled.

It is really striking, as the Russians warns of arms export to Ukraine. They have promised to target convoys and whatnot crossing into Ukraine. Russians has warned Finland and Sweden from joining NATO. Doing the same to the Moldova and Georgia who has also speeded up their process to become a member of the European Union (EU). Seriously, Russia has gone after them all and if not… they are speaking out of terms and without proof at this point.

This is a way of defending the indefensible. We know that Kremlin and Moscow have a superior complex, which has never been revived. The Russian government and Federation wants to be an empire again. That’s why they are using the means of Russian interference in former Soviet Republic’s like Ukraine.

We are supposed to believe that the Russians would send their youths to annex the Donbas region. The Russians are doing this to dismantle and get control of Kyiv. They are worried that the borders of European Union and NATO edges closer. While Russia isn’t as strong or built as a force to be reckon with. No, it is falling behind and fast.

Now, the current leadership is killing their next generation and a massive amount of future civilians. These are maybe from the most impoverish parts of Russia and from the marginalized regions of the Federation. Still, these are the future of Russia, but they are bleeding and dying on the battlefield towards Kyiv. It is tragic that the game of the megalomanic of Kremlin is causing this.

The Russian government and authorities has decided to wage this war. The Russian and Belorussian allies decided this and they encircled the whole Ukraine for a long time before invading in the end of February 2022. That was a deliberate act and they said to defend and declare Donbas free, but they targeted the whole Republic. That just shows the lie and how great that lie is. Russians are dying on the battlefield over a lie.

A lie of vilification and creating villains out of Ukraine. The victim and the ones who is invaded is the monster. While the real monster and the bogeymen is crossing into Ukraine. They are the barbarians and the ones who comes with destruction. The ones who comes with looting and war-crimes against Ukraine.

So, it is tiring that Russians are the ones that has violated the Minsk Agreement and the Budapest Memorandum, but always claim Ukraine did so. If you read them and know how the Russians has annexed territory and armed separatists in Donbas. Therefore, the Russians blaming Ukraine is getting old..

We know everyone else is villains in the eyes of the leaders of Russia. Only the ones that is towing the party line is decent people. It doesn’t matter if they are burying their nephews or nieces, since that is what Kremlin and the Duma is busy at doing in Ukraine. Either with their own troops who dies on the battlefront or the Ukrainian brothers they killing in actions. Peace.

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