Sudan: Central Committee of Sudan Doctors – Report on the Death Toll of the Events in West Darfur State (30.04.2022)

The death toll have risen to (200). Four have been killed today in El Geneina, West Darfur; three by gun shot, while one stabbed with a sharp object.

With this, the total number of deaths since the start of the events has now reached (200).

Locations of victims body injuries are as follows:

– Head (95)

– Neck (2)

– Chest (51)

– Belly (19)

– Basin (4)

– Back + Chest (4)

– Limbs (5)

– Full fire burn (5)

– Stabbing by sharp object (1)

(location of body injuries of (14) of the victims could not be identified).

Distribution of the (200) victims by age group and gender are as follows:

– (24) Children

– (9) Women

– (167) Men

(23 of the victims are elderly men and women).

The Surgery Emergency at El Geneina Hospital, is still operating at half capacity, and the Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, and Pediatric Emergencies are not working.The Internal Partitions are also not working anymore.

CCSD points out that there is still deficit in providing health services in the State, due to failure in full return to work in El Geneina Hospital, as the capacity of the hospital cannot be covered by the private hospitals in the State.

This calls for concerted efforts directed towards full return to work in the Hospital.

CCSD’s Media Office

April 30, 2022

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