Opinion: Yoweri always blame others for his bad governance…

The problem is our people who do not listen, they are always sabotaging our programs. When political leaders fight government programs, it’s the people who suffer” (…) “Religious leaders please help me to expose bad politicians because they are causing problems to all of us” – President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni (29.04.2022).

It is never Museveni’s fault… it is never his fault. As long as I can remember, it is always other people’s fault. In the past it was Obote fault, Amin or even you can trace things back to that. If not it’s the pastoral culture or villagers way of living. At this very moment and time, President Museveni is never at fault. He doesn’t do mistakes, act wrong or trespasses anyone. No, his always righteous and correct on a regular basis.

He maybe believes that, but that is far from the truth. The handlers and appointees around him will never challenge him or even say so. Because, if anyone said that His Excellency was wrong or acting badly. They would be dismissed and sent packing. No one in their right mind is risking their meal-ticket or losing their office.

So, this follows a pattern and he hopes because his giving or donating funds to religious leaders. That these will speak and whistleblower on leaders, which isn’t following party-line. This is what his saying without saying it. He wants religious leaders to snitch on his behalf.

While the President is blaming unceremoniously “bad politicians” without naming them. We know this would be defiant opposition leaders or people who are directly in defiance to his rule. The Self-Styled-President for Life is saying this now. It really shows his sentiment and how he directs thing.

Museveni is yet again blaming others for the failure of his government. He claims bad politicians is the reason for government programs to not work. While Museveni haven’t always done the background work or even stress-tested government programs. Neither is he initiating programs without evaluating the previous ones. That’s why things are failing and not working.

The intention is a get-rich-scheme for his cronies and allies. While the government program is a shell-company or even a nice body to siphon funds. The state and the government officials had no plans in implementing or even succeeding the program. The program was just an excuse to get money and not execute it. That’s how it looks… and the ones behind it is able to run away and never get caught. Because, this is happening again and again. If not the programme is launched, but never really running. Neither is there any plans, protocol or care for how to do it. That’s why the programme is a wasteland and money-pit without any results. While countless of officials and cronies are paid-off…

So, it is striking that Mzee or the President is blaming bad politicians… those bad politicians must be the appointees or elected National Resistance Movement cadres across the Republic. Since they never seem to achieve anything substantial. Because, if it was always other people’s fault. Why is Museveni micro-directing and putting in directives and decrees on all parts of government?

If he does that… isn’t he at fault for directing and ordering people to comply to his wishes? While he has issued these programs without proper work before launching it. So, it is not strange it’s not working. Neither is he funding or securing the secretariats to be prepared to actually implement it. That shows how is a bad politician and maybe the religious leaders should give a memo about him. Peace.

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