Opinion: The Crocodile says the businesses are sabotaging the government…

We must practise honest and ethical business practices. Businesses cannot purport to support the government by day and sabotage the same government by night and then after play the victim. It is imperative for us all to make strategic choices for the best interests of our country” – President Emmerson Mnangagwa (29.04.2022).

The Crocodile of Harare is unreal, the one who is the Commander in Chief and the Head of State. President Mnangagwa said this at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in Bulawayo yesterday. It is really rich coming from and he should know better.

The financial structure, the fiscal policies and the polices of the economy is all coming from the Government. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) and Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) has to take accountability and what sort of actions they have done.

Mnangagwa’s regime is at fault. The economy is the ‘albatross’ that ZANU-PF has no idea how to control or adopt too. The ZANU-PF only knows how to scheme, loot and siphoned government funds. Therefore, Mnangagwa shouldn’t point a finger and address things internally.

The lack of working policies on the currency, monetary policies or even financial instruments. That isn’t the fault of the traders, importers or exporters of Zimbabwe. No, that is the fault of the RBZ and MoFED. They are maybe inept or cronies with no clue of what they are doing. The ZANU-PF isn’t acting sincere here and passing the buck actually.

Mnangagwa should be disgraced by this and the way he puts the fault on the industries or businesses itself. They are working under his regime and following the rules, which his government is putting on them. If the state says one thing, the businesses has to comply. That’s why the premise of the sabotage is flawed. The Ministries and the Parliament can put forward motions and legislation that changes the market-place for one commodity or one type of import. Therefore, to blame the businesses is weak tea and not true…

The President should look into his own and the appointees of ZANU-PF. Mnangagwa should hold a Politburo and plan the steps ahead to ensure the businesses can thrive and work. However, the state is more busy on get-rich-schemes for itself, than actually serving the public. This is why the state cannot find a measure or a way of making monetary policies working or stabilizing inflation for that matter.

The ZANU-PF and Mnangagwa needs to get a grip. They are not the victims, but they are blaming the ones who are living under its reign. The victims are the citizens and the businesses, which is hurting, because of the inflation, lack of stable currency and ability to forecast the market. That’s why it’s risky and could backfire to invest in the first place. However, ZANU-PF will not say that… we know that already.

Mnangagwa needs to fix the ‘Albatross’ and get things in order. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t count on it. That would stop the possibility of scams, schemes and means of siphoning funds from the state coffers into “private investors” accounts. Peace.

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