Ukraine: Zakharova thinks a War is a One-Way Street…

We have already commented the other day on statements by British Deputy Defense Minister [James] Heappey about okaying Ukraine’s strikes on Russian military targets” (…) In other words, the West is openly calling on Kiev to attack Russia, even with weapons received from NATO countries” (…) “Further evidence that [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky’s regime is not independent in its decisions and is completely dependent on external handlers” (…) “I would like Kiev and Western capitals to take seriously the statements of our country’s Defense Ministry that further Ukrainian provocations to strike Russian targets will definitely lead to a harsh response from Russia” – Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (28.04.2022).

In Moscow it must be tough to see the West and the European Union unceremoniously support and helps Kyiv. That got to sting after the Russians has tried to forge allies and networks within Europe to sow disunity and dismantle the European Union (EU). The Russians succeeded with Brexit and that was very clever, indeed. However, they have not been able to break the European solidarity or will to help each other out.

That’s why the Russians are calling foul and with anger, as the European and Western leaders are directly supporting Kyiv. They are coming, visiting and showing what they want to do. In such a manner, which haven’t been shown before. The Russians shouldn’t be surprised or think anything of it. They are mentally prepared for heaven and Third World War. That is if you believe the National Broadcasts or the Russian Propaganda, which is spoon-fed to the public within the Federation. Nevertheless, the bravado only get you so far.

Zakharova is saying this, as we know the Russians are good at giving warnings and promising the next big war. They are promising new fronts and frontiers. This is to strike fear and seen this tactic being used during this war. The Russians has spoken of possible nuclear war and also attack any convoy or any transports into Ukraine. That’s what they have said and anyone doing so could become a target.

Now, they are making it even harder. The Russians just wants the Ukrainian to naturally run dry and not have supplies. That is natural from their sense, but they cannot stop arms trade or put an arms embargo. They can petition the United Nations, but I wouldn’t bank on it getting voted on or even get through. Because, there is nothing illegal in trading weapons and arms to Ukraine at this moment. It is only hurting the pride of Russia.

Russian Federation should be more worried about their shoddy logistics, their losses of tanks and mechanical divisions inside Ukraine. As the farmers and civilians has taken them and the Ministry of Defence has gotten lots of equipment to use against the Russians. Therefore, the biggest supplier of military equipment and vehicles happens to be Russians and the Ukrainian forces are now using it against them.

They are saying the NATO and West is interfering and directing Ukraine. However, NATO isn’t directly participating and neither is other Western forces. The Ukrainian have only gotten supplies and help from the West. They have bought and donated arms. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian military haven’t been ordered or followed directions from Pentagon or anywhere else. That is what the Kremlin and Moscow wants the world to believe in.

Alas, that is not the case. Also, the Russians are really stupid, if they believe they can violate Ukraine on the daily, but not expect any retaliation or attacks on their own soil. That should be expected, as Ukraine is attacking convoys and other installations to stifle the Russian military. If they think they can only violate, destroy and massacre Ukrainians without any ramifications. The Russian delusion is seriously a drug and can make people blind. That is how it looks from the outside. A war happens to be this way and not only for one party to attack the other, but for the defensive one to show force against the other too. That shows that Russians doesn’t have good defences and aren’t able to strike against counter-attacks. This is a weakness and not Ukraine’s fault, but Kremlin and the Russian army itself. To say it would bring more hurt and suffering.

Well, Ukrainians has seen the savagery, the devastation and the war-crimes Russians commits. They know what you guys do… and the retaliation will not be something they haven’t already seen. Therefore, Kremlin better take the attacks on the chin and humble itself. Since, when you start a war… you don’t know how it will play out. The Russians should know this… since the Blitzkrieg was supposed to last 3 days, but we are now over 60 days. Therefore, get your act together.

A war isn’t a one-way street, but maybe Kremlin forgot about that. Kyiv would answer and not the answers Moscow wanted. Peace.

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