Ukraine: President Putin blames Kyiv [and wants to annex Donbas and Crimea permanently]

After the authorities in Kiev In fact, publicly, I want to emphasize this, publicly, through the mouths of the top officials of the states, they stated that they do not intend to implement these Minsk agreements, we were forced to recognize these states as independent and independent in order to stop the genocide of people who live in these territories, I repeat once again: this is a forced measure to stop the suffering of people who live in these territories. Unfortunately, our colleagues in the West preferred not to notice all this” – President Vladimir Putin (25.04.2022.).

The Russian President has the nerve, a man who is willing to lie and come so easily with threats. That’s the sort of man he is… while his forces together with Belorussian allies are violating Ukraine on the daily. It is striking that his speaking of Donbas and the ones in LNR/DNR when we know about the forced migration and the brutality of the Russian forces within Ukraine.

President Putin clearly doesn’t value lives and only wants to relieve the greatness of the USSR. If not he wants to have an Empire in his name. Today’s press conference just shows that and his arrogance is very clear. Like we don’t know and that we are supposed to believe his words. However, the propaganda is working maybe internally in Russia, but outside the Federation. We have working minds and can get enlightened.

He continues:

Ukraine pronounces very strict security guarantees for itself: they will not extend to the territory of Crimea, Sevastopol and Donbass. Our actions to create conditions for the continuation of the contractual process followed. Instead, we faced a provocation in Bucha, and the Ukrainian side withdrew from its agreements in Istanbul. Now security requirements are one thing, and the issues of regulating relations over Crimea, Sevastopol and Donbass are taken out of their scope. That is, we have again returned to a dead end situation for ourselves and for all of us” – President Vladimir Putin (25.04.2022).

This is coming from the man who made the brigade and gave honourable titles on the soldiers who participated and did the war-crimes of Bucha. President Putin knows what the Russian forces did, the raping, torturing, killings and mass-graves. The Russian forces just show their ruthlessness, their genocidal ways and scorched earth tactic in Ukraine.

Putin thinks the way and manner he wrote an agreement with the two Donbass separatists leaders and their “People’s Republic’s” that Kyiv should respect this move. The Kremlin and Duma might have signed and recognized these two entities. However, that was done without any consideration and taking into account the sovereign state of Ukraine. Neither was there a legit referendum or anything.

That’s why we know the Minsk Agreement is now an excuse. Just like everyone can see that the Russian Federation has violated the Budapest Memorandum. So, why should we believe that the Russian didn’t break or breach the Minsk Agreement, as it has steadily given arms to separatists in Donbas. We are supposed to believe the weapons just fell from the sky and wasn’t transported from across the border in Russia. That’s how unserious Putin is and shows that he just want to carve up Ukraine.

If Putin gets his will… he will take over 10% or close to possibly 15% of the Ukrainian territory and annex it into Russia. As the DNR/LDR will be directly run from Moscow and not be “independent”. Just like the other separatist republic’s the Russians he has created in Moldova and Georgia. Therefore, his really not sincere and using them as tools to advance the interests. While politicking in internal matters within the former USSR republics.

The warfare in Ukraine only exposes this, as we know the Duma and Kremlin is toying around with other ideas and certainly would like to have a corridor between Transnistria to Crimea. As well, as launching the USSR failed oblast of Tauride Province too. Therefore, the ability and reasoning for carving Ukraine into pieces is everywhere and it’s not hidden. It is exposed and they are only vilifying Ukrainian government and people going there. While not taking accountability or have any concern about how they are directing the war in Ukraine.

That’s why Putin is despicable and it shows. He violated the Minsk Agreement, but says Kyiv did it. His ordering and on the regular basis now violating the Budapest Memorandum. While he dismiss and speaks ill of the Ukrainian government. It shows that it’s no real intent on his part and his only stalling to buy time. In such a way that he can annex as much territory as possible. Peace.

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