Somalia: Farmaajo is losing influence in Parliament and sent the authorities to block it

There is a reason why things are tense in Mogadishu. The prolonged agony of elections and postponements has been affected the politics of Somalia. This here is all for a reason and that’s the “interim” and former President, but current Mohamed Abdillahi Mohamed Farmaajo. Who is has been keeping the position hostage from 8th February 2021.

President Farmaajo has tried to get control of the Lower and Upper House of Parliament. There been so much back and fourth. The elections of MPs have been crucial and been a mess as well. It has been so many twists and turns, as well as the elections of former NISA agents to MPs, which are in favour and loyal to Farmaajo. That has been the outcome and done with a reason.

So, today’s actions is clear that Farmaajo still tries to influence and get total control of the elections in the Parliament. As the Senate has already voted for the opposition and not for speakers of which are in favour of him. That’s why Farmaajo is using the military and authorities to his advantage.

Here is the recent updates:

Senator Abdi Hashi was re-elected as the Speaker of the Upper House on Tuesday following an election at the Afisioni tent in Mogadishu. He received 28 votes, narrowly defeating Salah Ahmed Jama, who was able to garner 24 votes. Osman Dubbe, received two votes” (Somali Live Update, 26.04.2022).

BREAKING: Tension brews as Somalia’s secretary of Lower House has been kicked out of Villa Hargeisa while trying to issue ID cards to the 16 MPs elected in Elwak. It is unclear what impact could have on an election for the Lower House leadership slated to take place on Wednesday” (Shabelle Media Network, 26.04.2022).

Commanders of Somalia’s police and presidential guards forced parliament staff to vacate their headquarters ahead of a crucial vote, senior parliamentary official said on Tuesday, a day after interim speaker of parliament said he had escaped an attack by government forces. “The chief of police & commander of VS [Villa Somalia] security have forced the staff of parliament to vacate Villa Hargaysa, which is the headquarter for the staff of Parliament,” Abdirizak Omar Mohamed, chairman of a committee tasked with the organization of an election for parliament leadership tweeted” (SomaliGuardian – ‘Police force Somalia parliament staff to ‘vacate’ headquarters: MP’ 26.04.2022).

Sources say the police confiscated ballot boxes and other materials for tomorrow’s lower house election during the raid” (Hussain Mohamed, 26.04.2022).

As we see the authorities did breach the Villa Hargeisa and the Lower House elections after the Senate or Upper House voted for someone who isn’t in favour of Farmaajo. That is certainly happening as an effort to ensure control of the Lower House, which must be the will of Farmaajo.

We have to see how it will play out, but this is how Farmaajo rolls and he intends to do so too the end. He intends to use force to get his will. That’s why his still in Villa Somalia and occupying the Presidency unelected to this day. His term has long ended, but his using the power and the authorities for his advantage. That’s why we know there been tension and brewing trouble between him and Prime Minister Roble. This will occur again, if there is sudden and obvious outlooks, which is not going in favour of the former President. Peace.

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