Opinion: Isko Moreno is sinking [and without a Plan B]

[Leni] whatever you are doing is not effective against Marcos” Isko Moreno

That the Presidential Campaign of Isko Moreno Domagoso is clearly not going after plan. The Easter Sunday is usually the day of celebrating that Jesus Christ resurrected on the third day after the crucifixion on Long Friday. Therefore, this Sunday and following days should have been golden. However, for Isko Moreno its been a tragic downfall of an abysmal campaign.

The Mayor of Manilla and former Vice Mayor should be lucky to create headlines and be part of the conversation. Isko Moreno asked for the biggest challenger in the race, Leni Robredo to step down or withdraw her candidacy. Which is very ironic, because his nowhere close to popular or have a reach to go against “Bong Bong” Marcos at this point of time.

That’s why he really thinks the electorate is stupid when he calls the Robredo camp to “Stop the bullying”. This is the guy who tried to bully, called a press conference with joint Presidential Candidates and called for her to end her campaign. It is now 48 hours since the Presser and his not serving any good purpose now.

Isko Moreno is playing the victim after being sexist and showing token masochism…. It is really despicable and doing a fools errand. The Mayor should reflect on his own actions, but right now he rather die on this hill. Even if it is a hill, which is not worthy to cross or too take a selfie on the top of. Since it is just a transgression and political blunder of epic proportions.

The former actor should be concerned. Yes, his not willing budge or show character. That he stepped out of line and actually was terribly wrong. Instead, his doubling down and playing the victim.

The one has been attacked and asked to do his bidding was Robredo. It was she who was asked to sacrifice herself and her campaign just mere weeks ahead of the polls. At a time of her momentum and possible last voter reach in the final stages of the campaign. Isko Moreno should ask himself, would he sacrifice himself or his own career for someone else?

Would he go on the altar and confess his sins to the general public?

After what he has shown of late. His ego is so huge and his own self belief is beyond anything you can recognize. Especially, when he was the man who flaunted the idea and tried to force the execution. Didn’t he think it could come a backlash or a retort in return?

Or does he that his that special and unique of man. That everyone should just obey and listen. The King Kuya and the big man of the clan. Because, that is how it looks and his not that great. He says she’s not effect against Marcos Junior, but what has he done? What does he has to offer or could prove to be an alternative to BBM? Nothing, none and nada.

Isko Moreno better get into method acting or something. He better get his act together and bravely apologize. This is beneath him, but he intends to double down. If he thinks this make his campaign any better. His terribly wrong and failing at it. There is no redeeming qualities and lack of finesse is obvious.

Isko Moreno is a lost one. He is so out of bound and out of class. That there is nowhere for him to go from here. He should reconsider himself and his stances. However, don’t count on it. He prefers to be screwed and that is very clear by his approach to Robredo in this here instance.

We could hope the Mayor found his way and could show some humility, but at this point. We all know that is too much to ask. He rather play this one all out and think he can win some brownie points. However, his only loosing more and more. Without recognizing the blunder, which he created all by himself. Peace.

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