Omoro County By-Election: The son to inherit the seat of the late father

As far as the Omoro by-election is concerned, there is talk that the late Jacob Oulanyah’s son and Omoro leaders will be meeting the President. Some people want him to be unopposed, and others have stepped down for him” (NBS Television, 19.04.2022).

NRM party aspirants eyeing the Omoro County MP seat have been summoned by Museveni. So far 11 people have expressed interest to replace the late Jacob Oulanyah. 4 of them subscribe to the NRM party. They include the Omoro LCV Chairperson Douglas Peter Okello alias Okao, Omoro District Speaker Richard Bongowat Luganya, Oulanyah`s son Andrew Ojok, and Oulanyah`s former campaign manager Ben Acellam” (Unity FM 97,7 Lira, 19.04.2022).

Special meeting of OMORO leaders with the President Museveni just got done. All aspirants from NRM have stepped down in his favour Andrew Ojok (son to the late Jacob), those who had previously occupied RDC offices will bounce back, LC5, speaker to say there positions” (Benson Ongom, 19.04.2022).

If you don’t believe the message of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) is that they are all in and for nepotism. You are clearly mistaken. The previous NRM Primaries before the 2021 elections proved that. Sons and daughters of the mighty men was allowed to stand. They got into seats and became Members of Parliament even.

Now in 2022 that has not changed. The Acholi, Lango and West Nile MPs was maybe not able to ring-fence the speakership for the Greater North. However, it is clear that the Oulanyah family will linger on and have a say.

That’s because of the son of the late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah is now going unopposed in the NRM. After Museveni summoned a meeting and settled the grievances ahead of the Omoro By-Election. We knew that the death of Oulanyah would trigger a by-election. What we didn’t know was how the party, the parliament or anyone else would take it. Since it created new openings and opportunities for several of the surrounding people there. That was evident in the race for speakership alone…

We shouldn’t be shocked that the son of the late is regarded as the candidate from the NRM. They easily does that and it continues his legacy. I still expect him to be challenged by Independent candidate Olal Andrew P’obong and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate Terence Odonga.

P’Obong could easily been a NRM flag-bearer if it wasn’t for the father in the first place. So, he wasn’t even in the draw this time either. Showing that the NRM clearly isn’t listening to the aspirants in the area. Only picking the most tolerable and the ones that is most vital to the cause of the State House. That’s why Oulanyah was returning in 2021 and why his son is the next in line 2022. It is really obvious…

Nepotism is a main staple in the NRM and no one can deny that in 2022. Peace.

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